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We have selected the best-selling political books so that citizens can understand the issues of the elections and thus make an informed decision when voting.

What are the different types of political books?

The main objective of political books is to provide readers-voters with the keys to understand their various concerns and the solutions to overcome them. Thus, there is a correlation between the degree of uncertainty experienced or perceived by the population and the number of political books published. In fact, the more concerns there are, the more political books are published. These works can be classified into four main categories according to the people who wrote them:

Political books in the strict sense of the term are books that bear the signature of a politician. They are developed and written by the actors.

This category includes political books written with a memoir or historian approach by actors in the political game, independent researchers, or authors writing for them.

In general, the codebreakers are essayists or journalists. The political books they write aim to provide information for readers to better understand current affairs and the roles that political actors can play.

Political books that advocate solutions to get voters or actors to act fall into this category. They are often easily recognized by their titles, which often include an injunction or active verb.

Political books written by storytellers, decipherers, and advisers naturally serve the interests of candidates for elective public office.

Editor’s Choice: The World History Book

We have specially chosen the great history of the world by françois reynaert, because this pocket book provides a better understanding of the problems of contemporary society throughout history. It invites us to forget European concepts and gives a global vision of the world by relating the evolution of the great civilizations of previous centuries with their own codes. Among the significant facts of history treated in this book, it is possible to cite:

  • The great empires of antiquity;
  • Charlemagne’s empire;
  • The Mongol invasion of Europe;
  • The colonization and decolonization of Africa;
  • The fall of the USSR;
  • The rise of new powers, particularly China, India and Iran.

Particularly captivating and easy to read thanks to relatively simple vocabularies, this history book can be adapted to everyone.

The consultant’s survey book

We have selected this book entitled The Insiders – How Consulting Firms Took Control of the State? great reporters at L’Obs Matthieu Aron and Caroline Michel-Aguirre because it’s so interesting. Indeed, it tells the story of the gradual infiltration of private consulting firms into the Civil Service over the last 20 years, which has changed France from within. In this book, the two authors clearly present the operation of these cabinets and their installation mechanism within the State with supporting examples: military strategy, pandemic management, digitization of public services, etc. They also emphasize the anti-democratic aspect of this seizure of power. The plus point of this book is that it is well designed and enjoyable to read.

The essay on today’s society.

For eight years, actor Guillaume Meurice has been asking people around the world about the failings of today’s society for his humorous column “Le moment Meurice” in France Inter. It is possible to cite as an example excessive consumption, conspiracy theories or even politicians. He dissects the contradictions and false evidence through the opinions of citizens and the speeches of public figures or lobbyists. He decided to publish an essay containing the gist of his column. This 192-page book, published on March 16, 2022, is titled Real People: Sidewalk Sociology. It is part of this selection because it brings together various reflections on current affairs. Thus, it allows discovering a multiple vision of society. The author also shares in this book some surprising and hilarious behind-the-scenes moments from his column for those looking for a little humor.

The political initiation book.

Many French people are still not familiar with politics. But there is much at stake. Indeed, public policy designates everything related to the government of a State, including the organization of powers, the actions planned by an institution to achieve an objective, the conduct of public affairs, etc. It affects all areas of society: economy, justice, culture, education, international relations, defence… Especially since in a democratic state like France, the citizens’ vote legitimizes political action. For all these reasons, we have selected Politics for fools, because this book is ideal for an introduction to politics. Indeed, having as its main objective the popularization of politics, its keywords are conciseness and simplicity. The book was written by Philippe Reinhard, an experienced political journalist for the regional and national press. Thus, the actors and the functioning of the political microcosm are no longer a secret for him. In the book “Politics for Dummies”, he discusses among other things:

  • The moralization of public life;
  • The recomposition of the political panorama;
  • The notion of a “Jupiterian” head of state.

essay on the french economy

The essay by Agnès Verdier-Molinié, director of the Ifrap Foundation, entitled The true state of France it’s also one of the best-selling political books right now, because it’s particularly uplifting. In fact, the author draws the population’s attention to the French economic situation by drawing up a balance sheet in the form of a financial audit. He highlights in particular:

  • The failures of public administrations and policies with public spending and debt as evidence;
  • The number and amount of taxes and duties that are unfavorable for entrepreneurship and investment in France.

It also offers several solutions to get out of the economic crisis.

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