The Department of Yvelines creates oratory workshops to get a job

The Seine Aval Departmental Action Territory organizes oral expression workshops at the Blaise-Cendrars media library in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. They are aimed at people looking for work or with professional projects. In June they will participate in an eloquence contest. Companies, if you are looking for motivated candidates, the final will take place on June 10!

There are fifteen participants, mostly women, aged between 20 and over 50 years. Looking for work, recycling or in a professional project. For a few weeks they have been meeting every week to follow a rather original training course, offered by the teams of the Seine Aval Departmental Action Territoryresponsible for professional integration and support for young people.

“These workshops aim to improve the oral fluency of the people we support. Some have been away from the world of work for a long time and need to regain their self-confidence. Others have career plans but lose confidence during job interviews.”

explains Marika Siguier, Head of the Integration Service at TAD Seine Aval.

The program, baptized as ArtY’culez, will end with an eloquence contest on Friday, June 10.

Good support from the participants.

Know how to express a request, listen to the other, dare public speaking, manage stressknowing how to speak in order to be understood… are needs expressed by the participants of this project. The results are very positive. According to the collected testimonies:

“At first, I did not dare to speak. At the end of the third session, the atmosphere was such that I gained confidence. Here we can all express ourselves, nobody judges us”.

“We talk about our disagreements, we learn to listen to others and build arguments. It’s incredible”, explains one of the participants actively looking for a job.

Another participant who has been a bit battered by life is there to regain her self-esteem, to regain confidence in her professional abilities.

“I have known the precariousness with what it entails in terms of negative feelings and loss of sociability. Today, this group gives me strength, desire to recover. The thought of going back to work doesn’t scare me as much anymore.

“We laughed a lot with each other; we take learning seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously. It’s great !”.

“We also have work to do at home. Prepare a speech on a topic that should not exceed 7 minutes. I had never done that in my life. Talking is fine; Writing is not my strong point. This exercise was very difficult for me; I love it now. It even became a game with my family! “.

ArtYculez workshop at the Blaise-Cendrars media library in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine / Photo Adrien Plonka/CD78

Training by experts in public speaking

A lawyer, a theater teacher and a public speaking trainer intervene in turn and in a complementary way, to give the keys to speech and oral expression. An exercise in which postures and silences are as important as words. From forum theater to the presentation of a timed pitch on an imposed topic… various methods are worked on so that the oral ceases to be an insurmountable ordeal.

The three experts are:

julien sacre, attorney criminal lawyer of the Versailles Bar Association and secretary of the eloquence contest for lawyers. He works with the participants in speech ticsthe speaking techniques and the methodology of construction of a speech. Then decipher the presentation of a speech to analyze its parts, its effect on the audience while imagining the theoretical concepts. A tangible approach to frame the speech, apprehend it and know how to extract concrete elements that allow capturing an audience.

Isabelle Paizee Jacobfounder of the company “Les fous du roi” certified in sophrology, specialist in public speaking. she sets technical exercises of group cohesion, deconstruction of fears, relaxation, posture and notion of occupation of space.

Annie-Joelle Priou-Hasni, sociologist professor at the Ecole Normale Sociale in Paris and at the University of Saint Quentin in Yvelines and drama teacher. Use the tools of forum theater to allow the group work on a feedback that generated frustration, questioning and/or strong emotions. This event is analyzed and objectified thanks to the external views of the participants. The purpose is to use the contributions of the group to learn to adapt and modify their behavior.

Contest on June 10

On this date, the participants will have 7 minutes to deliver a speech before a jury made up of residents, journalists, actors, elected officials… and an audience of potential recruiters. Each participant will receive a diploma that she can highlight on her CV.

place : Blaise-Cendrars Mediatheque in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine / 5 rue Auguste Romagne, 78700 Conflans-Sainte-Honorine

time : 7:30 pm.

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