This music enthusiast transposes 150 pieces for bagpipes in Normandy

Music enthusiast Norbert Caillet, from Aubermesnil-Beaumais (Seine-Maritime) created 150 pieces for bagpipes. (© Les Informations Dieppoises)

passionate about music and playing the violin, flute and tuba himself, Norbert Caillet is an expert in all trades, from music to Aubermesnil-Beaumais (Seine-Maritime).

On sunny days, the man likes to take care of his house in Aubermesnil-Beaumais.

So during the winter, which is more so during the confinement, the time is long.

To make matters worse, the musician had to have surgery on his foot and had to keep his leg straight.

So, to fill the time, he came up with an original idea: to transpose sheet music for Highland Bagpipe, a 150-piece set for bagpipes.

A long writing process.

For some time, the man had the ambition to transpose this work by Donald MacPhee, which he had unearthed online, on the site of the Edinburgh Museum, in the United Kingdom.

So Norbert Caillet went to work and rewrote each work using MuseScore software to write and compose music.

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It took me about six months of work, six to eight hours a day.

Norbert Caillet

“The writing for bagpipes is special, with a lot of grace notes, a set of nice little notes on which the main note that stands out sits. When transcribed for violin, the pieces remain identical but the sound is totally different as these appoggiaturas no longer exist”, he continues.

Your shared work online.

However, Norbert Caillet wanted his transcriptions to benefit as many fans as possible.

For this reason, he has put all his work online in PDF format on the Breizh Partitions site, a site of free and royalty-free sheet music, dedicated to Celtic, Scottish, Asturian, Galician music… But also in MuseScore format for printing and hear the work.

Norbert Caillet’s objective is to share with pleasure his passion and his love for music, from this work he does not obtain any benefit, only the joy of sharing music.

Another project in mind

But he doesn’t want to stop there: now he plans to transpose the same pieces, this time for flute.

Norbert Caillet does not take half measures, it is the key to happiness.

Handy: To find Donald MacPhee’s Highland Bagpipe scores transposed by Norbert Caillet:

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