Whale Festival, the art and culture movement returns to the Cité des Sciences in Tunis

Whale Festival is part of the movement generated by the startup Art Culture Studio with the aim of reinventing society through art and culture. This movement extended from the first edition of the festival in September in Hammamet to the President of the Republic and the Minister of Culture, who became the first two members with their ACS card.

However, the whale festival is now in danger of cancellation, as several sponsors pulled out at the last minute, having agreed in principle. Despite this, Whale Festival intends to celebrate this new edition. A task possible thanks to the commitment of all the teams of the collaborating structures. May they be thanked here for the Art and Culture to live.

The Whale Festival is multidisciplinary; highlights the new generation of Tunisian artists and creators. Its first edition, in September 2021 in Hammamet, brought together artists from multiple backgrounds for 3 days, revealing unsuspected possibilities for artistic collaborations and a new synergy around the same goal, to bring art and culture to life for all ages. public.

The second edition of the Whale Festival is scheduled for May 7 and 8, 2022 at the Cité des Sciences in Tunis, with an even more ambitious program: 2 musical stages, more than 35 musicians, 11 hours of rap music, 15 hours of electronic music, 66 speakers, 15 hours of live and deferred conferences, 36 artists and creatives, 60 young and committed brands, 2 exclusive art exhibitions and 6 hours of projection, as many artistic proposals as partners that carry them.

Whale Festival was born from our desire to transform the obstacle into an opportunity, a true confidence in the future where we call on the community of artists and art and culture enthusiasts to support us and their festival by becoming members through ACS membership cards.

The physical membership cards not only allow access to the two days of the festival and support the artists, but also take advantage of the regular events of the ACS Club, scheduled throughout the year. The Physical Card also allows you to take advantage of the best partner offers and many other advantages to discover.

With the digital membership card, the festival is also accessible remotely. It allows the festival-goer to attend the activities of Art Culture Studio through its platform during the year and gives access to the festival for one day.

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