A first music festival for Alma College

The Alma College Music Department launches its 1st edition of the Portée Festival, which will take place from May 4 to 11. A unique opportunity to listen to the many talents, students and teachers gathered, evolving within the school institution.

Alma College today released the program for the first edition of the Portée Festival, referring to the staff used to write music.

The event chaired by Robert Pelletier, renowned percussionist and former professor of the department, will be a showcase for the student community.

In addition, the Collège d’Alma, which was celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2020, was unable to celebrate the event as it should, explains Marie-Noëlle Claveau, singing teacher and co-responsible for the coordination of the Music Department.

“Unfortunately, the context of the pandemic did not allow us to celebrate this anniversary as it should. Therefore, it was imperative to bring us back and highlight our extraordinary talents. Our programs have seen the birth and development of exceptional artists, many of whom now pursue careers in the four corners of the world and have contributed to cultural dynamism here and elsewhere.”

Lasting one week, the festival opens with a show with jazz accents in the room where small groups of swing, blues, Latin fusion and a stage band will enliven the atmosphere of the La Tourelle room from 7 pm.

The next day, the evening will continue in the same place where choral singing, chamber music, a gypsy group and classical soloists will meet. The very prominent percussionist from Quebec, Robert Pelletier, accompanied by former members of the department, promise an explosive jam session at Microbrasserie Le Lion Bleu where the evening will continue from 9 pm

The night of May 7 has a Motown-style music revue that pays homage to music from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, from Stevie Wonder to the Supremes.

The “colorful” show will be hosted by the jazz singing class and department teachers and also features Joey-Michael Tremblay-Doyle. Those interested can now purchase a ticket at the online box office at lepointdevente.com.

Finally, on May 11, the festival will conclude with the traditional concert of Professional Music and Singing Techniques graduates, with Michaël Girard as guest artist. The second part of the show will be dedicated to the compositions of the students, ranging from funk to jazz, through pop and video game music, where more than 15 musicians will share the stage.

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