A first role for Rosalie Bonenfant

He drives, writes, does radio and offers chronicles on television. Rosalie Bonenfant, however, entered the profession at a young age with a desire to play. At 25, she has her first major role in the movie Agnes by director Renée Beaulieu.

“I haven’t done that my whole life, play, but like Inès, I’ve done that my whole life asking myself questions and not knowing how to deal with a part of the fragility and suffering,” explains Rosalie Bonenfant gathered by The newspaper a few days before the film is presented in wide release as part of the Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma. So, I don’t know if I played or lived that movie. The furrow was already traced, on the inner path. »

To play Inès, this young woman in her twenties completely lost in the search for meaning in her own life, the actress had an audition-meeting with Renée Beaulieu, whom she only knew by reputation. By completely giving in when she was asked to dance, she wowed Rosalie and convinced the director of the film. Whores or the natural sugar of the skin.

The actress, who is also the daughter of presenter Mélanie Maynard, explains that it is her hypersensitivity that allows her to easily connect with her emotions. A fundamental asset to exercise this profession of actress that she so much wants to exercise.

“I was touched by the things he had to say and the delicacy of the script, says the show’s co-host. two golden men with Patrick Lagacé and Pierre-Yves Lord since 2021. There is a wandering in search of Inès, she is a bit like my alter ego. He wishes he had answers, but no one can give them to him, not even his father. His quest is basically learning to choose himself. »

intimate scenes

This deeply nihilistic and very present father with whom he has an ambiguous relationship is played by Roy Dupuis. A seasoned actor “with a certain coldness” from whom the young actress acknowledges having sought a little validation on the set, like the one Inès sought with her father.

“I met myself while making this film”, continues the actress whom we have seen in television series such as Parents, 30 lives, Jeremiah Y The academy. I have, like Inès, that great part of fragility, sensitivity and vulnerability that is not really considered, because I was convinced that people preferred my cheerful and playful side. I have 10% of that girl that exists, but also a good 90% of interiority, doubts and discomforts typical of my age. »

This young Inès is desperately looking for herself through drugs and sexuality. Several scenes of sex and masturbation are thus part of this story that, although disturbing, retains some light touches. “Inès does everything in a hurry, she explains that she has other game plans, there is something very compulsive in sex, her needs are really animal and she is not into pleasure. So it was easier to let it go. »

the premiere of the movie Agnes by Renée Beaulieu will take place on April 28 at Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma. The film will open in Quebec on May 6.

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