Art therapy to treat the trauma of Covid-19

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The National Order of Psychologists of Madagascar organized, on Wednesday, April 27, its third international congress on the practice of psychology on the island. A practice these days essentially focused on managing and overcoming the trauma caused by the Covid-19 epidemic. On this occasion, the method of art therapy was especially highlighted. explanations.

With our correspondent in Antananarivo, Sarah Tetaud

on the big islandCovid-19 is on its way to becoming a “ thing of the past among the majority of citizens. However the mental disorders caused by the pandemic they are far from having disappeared from consultations, explains Koloina Andrianilaina, a clinical psychologist and president of the National Order of Psychologists of Madagascar:

The worst of Covid is over. But we are still in the post-Covid period where we find many patients with a lot of anxiety about the disease, about family members who have been affected by the disease, or about the successive losses of family members. These are really cases that we come across a lot in sessions. »

Despite its 28 million inhabitants, the country still has only 41 psychologists and thirty psychiatrists. Very little for the needs of the population. Faliavo Ramasiarisolo, a psychologist, demonstrated during his thesis the effectiveness of art therapyin particular through painting, in the major depressive disorder. She encourages people with pain, who cannot see a specialist, to practice art therapy at home:

What I advise you is to take some time for yourself, either alone or with your family. When you are in front of your white sheet, let go of your emotions, draw what you feel, at the moment T, do not look for the ideal, do not look for perfection. You can use the colors that speak to you. The objective is to express our buried emotions, our repressions, our unconscious, to try to share our discomfort, so that we can free ourselves from it. »

Dancing, painting, writing, so many different ways of expressing and channeling emotions that go beyond the patient. An alternative that would require awareness and training for its deployment throughout the island. Due to lack of specialists and lack of means, many here also resort to spiritual treatments massively proposed by the new churches.


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