Capdenac Gare. Courants d’Art: soon the return of the Arts & Culture festival

After 4 years of absence, the Arts & Culture festival of the association Courants d’Art de Capdenac returns. Meeting with Jean-Michel Roques, president of the association:

Can you present Art and Culture in a few words?

Courants d’Art has organized this Festival since 2014, or Biennial as it takes place every even year. This fourth edition should have seen the light in 2020 but the Covid decided otherwise. This year, the theme suits the organization very much as “the great arts” will be in the spotlight. For 4 days (even more for some exhibitions) in the four corners of the city, the public will be able to marvel, be entertained, have fun, discover…

Where and when ?

The posters and the detailed program will reveal all the events that will make up the festival in a few days, but I can already announce that it will be from May 12 to 15 at Capdenac-Gare. The greatest possible number of great arts will be awarded: cinema, sculpture exhibitions, photography exhibitions, video games, architecture, painting, music, literature, theater, comics… All of this in various places in the city. The tortill’art will go through the streets of the city and will allow the public to go from one activity to another.

Many places but also many partners?

Yes ! This event is organized in collaboration with the Capdenac Mediatheque, the Cinema Atmosphere, the Grand-Figeac Heritage Service, the Tourist Office, artists, cartoonists, the Aurillac choir “les Copains d’accords”, Pascal Bruyelle that sings Brel, Théâtre Guignol… And of course, this festival could not exist without the help of the Municipality, the technical services, the volunteers, the financial partners… The large audience will be the best reward for the organizers and it would be a reassuring sign for a fifth play.

Is there a particular event that cannot be missed this weekend?

It is not an event, because there are so many extraordinary events that are offered in this Biennale. You have to come and see it, and besides, three quarters of the program is free.

How do you get people to come?

Come and immerse yourself in all these great arts where Courants d’Art has taken care of its palette more than ever. More than ever, the population needs freshness, diversity, quality and entertainment. The Biennial of Art and Culture will give you all these emotions!

Information on the website or 06 20 66 15 59 or Facebook page.

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