Cities of art and history: Saint-Brieuc will not give up its label – Saint-Brieuc

This is the first in Saint-Brieuc. The Union of Cities of Art and History and Historic Cities of Brittany met there, this Wednesday, April 27, for its general assembly. And this, because Saint-Brieuc joined the association at the end of 2021. Membership in this network “to trust neighboring Breton cities that have experience in promoting and facilitating heritage”, indicates Romain Rollant, deputy for culture.

Maybe in 2023 or 2024

This approach is also part of the continuation of the work undertaken by the previous municipality to obtain the “City of Art and History” seal. As a reminder, the procedure was not completed under the mandate of Marie-Claire Diuron. A file on which Romain Rollant intends to advance step by step. “The request will be submitted when we feel ready”, specifies the elected official who plans rather in 2023 or 2024. “Currently, our priority is to work on the animation of heritage and advance in the Cessation field”.

At the end of their general assembly, the members of the Union of Cities of Art and History and Historic Cities of Brittany were able to follow a guided tour of the historic center of Saint-Brieuc with Yolaine Coutentin, head of the archives and heritage service. . (The Telegram/Marina Chelin)

A label that imposes restrictions

For the cultural assistant it is essential to meet “all the conditions of success” in order to obtain the seal. The requirement is, according to him, to have a heritage advisor and to have completed the Avap (Area of ​​Valuation of Architecture and Heritage). Two steps taken in Saint-Brieuc. “But the idea is not to have a label for a label, because then you have to give it life,” Romain Rollant tempers.

This name imposes, in fact, some limitations, such as having a heritage organizer, a guided tour service, identified signage and, in the long term, a heritage interpretation and animation center (CIAP). “The label is also a commitment. The visitor must find it in the historical routes, in the explanatory panels. Today, clearly, we are not there”, adds Ludovic Le Moignic, CEO of heritage, art and history.

“A bit of everything in Saint-Brieuc”

Despite “the lack of iconic image”, the two elected officials remain convinced of Saint-Brieuc’s many assets: its viaducts, its valleys, its cathedral-fortress, its Cesson estate, its half-timbered houses, etc. “We have a bit of everything in Saint-Brieuc, the City must be discovered”. Still, getting the tag would be a form of recognition for the city of Briochine. With an undeniable tourist visibility and the economic benefits that accompany it.

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