cult sci-fi anime will (finally) have its own movie

After a chaotic genesis, the film adaptation of the cult sci-fi anime Robotech finally goes official at Sony.

The last thing the vast and wonderful world of Japanese animation deserves, is yet another live action adaptation instigated by this good old Uncle Sam. The former evokes the whitening and westernization that cruelly suffered ghost in the shell of Rupert Sanders, the lunar fiasco of the Netflix adaptations of cowboy hoot Y Death Noteor even the poor aberration that it was dragon Ball Evolution, the transposition of these pillars of the Japanese cultural landscape onto American screens systematically undergoes a distortion that is as sanitized as it is unpleasant.

What’s going on to adapt to the cinema an already extensively transformed Japanese animated series to please American viewers? Alliance promoted by the American production company Harmony Gold, which later joined forces with the Japanese Tatsunoko Production, the franchise Robotech brings together in 1985 three animated series Southern Cross, Mospeada Y Macross, but independent of each other. Difficult, therefore, to further undermine a franchise already extensively reworked to match the narrative codes of the country. And fortunately, since according to Deadline, Sony is currently developing a film adaptation.

That promises a great show.

However, it is not the first time that a project Robotech tickles Hollywood studios. Initially used by Warner in 2007, however, it is the studio to which we owe the trilogy. Spiderman of Sam Raimi who, after having acquired the rights, relaunched the project. If filmmakers like James Wan (Aquaman, Fast and Furious 7) or Andy Muschietti (that, mom) were in turn assigned to the production of the footage, It seems that it is finally Rhys Thomas who gets down to business.

Recently at the controls of the Marvel series Hawk Eye broadcast on Disney+, the director was commissioned by Sony to performing the damn adaptation once and for all. The script originally written by the duo Art Marcum and Matt Holloway (iron man uncharted) should benefit from some changes made by Brian Gatewood (nanny in spite of himself) and Alessandro Tanaka (nanny in spite of himself). Harmony Gold should also participate.

Dragonball Evolution : Image DragonballAnd we wait a lot, but then with a lot of force, so that it doesn’t look like that.

As a reminder, the story begins in 1999. After the crash of an alien spacecraft on an island in the Pacific Ocean, the different terrestrial nations, then at war, come together in order to restore the ship to better face this new alien threat. A decade later, in the far future of the year… 2009 (yes, Robotech originally aired in the 80’s), new ships enter Earth orbit…

A smart mix between star trek, top gun Y transformers, Robotech promises, if carried out, a spectacular adventure with impressive visual effects that we can not wait to discover. However, Sony has not communicated any other information at the moment. It only remains to wait carefully and, why not, discover or rediscover the original series.


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