DC fonts, punk, books and Ireland

Difficult to catch a group uphill. When we finally manage to join Conor Curley, after several attempts, the guitarist of the Irish band Fontaines DC is in Oslo, the tenth date of a tour that continues until September, through Europe and the United States.

A few days before, the NME, a British music magazine, named Fontaines DC the best rock band in the world. They must have celebrated well, calling in sick for the interview scheduled for the next day. “What an idea to also schedule one at that time”, laughs Conor Curley.

The rewards, the success, he says he doesn’t care. “The important thing is to be able to continue playing our music. »

skinny fiatheir third album, released on April 22? “The best. With the first we tried to convince ourselves that we could be professional musicians. The second was our existential crisis. There we found the right balance. »

From Joyce to Nabokov

Speech agreed for a group that is much less so. A follower of an edgy and uptight post-punk, Fontaines DC has been built around a common passion for literature and poetry.

One of his new songs is called Nabokovother bloomsday named after the hero of Ulises by James Joyce. “I couldn’t read it all, just dublin people », acknowledges Conor Curley.

If their sound is Anglo-Saxon, if the members of the group have gone into exile in London, Fontaines DC (DC for Dublin City) claims its Celtic roots. The title of your album, skinny fia, is an old Irish expletive. “ I have some knowledge of Gaelic but I am not bilingual. As I get older, I hope to do it again.” he admits.

The first title of the album, In ár gCroíthe go deoIt is inspired by a controversy born in England after a family of Irish origin wanted to inscribe this Gaelic quote – which means “forever in our hearts” – on a tombstone. “In England you can always pass for a provocation to claim the pride of being Irish”, laments Conor Curley, who dreams aloud of a reunited Ireland.

From there to imagining Fontaines DC reinventing themselves as Pogues or Chieftains, there is only one step the group came close to taking: “We considered a double album with an electric part and another with a traditional spirit, with many ballads. I think, in the future, we will make an album in this spirit. »

A song, The couple across the road, with accordion, hints at that future. For the rest, Fontaines DC displays impressive energy, led by Grian Chatten, a charismatic singer with an impressive voice. Flaming, flammable, the songs of skinny fia leave a lasting mark. With them, the Irish have not finished climbing.

skinny girl, Partisan Records, ten songs, 43 min. The group will be at Les Vieilles Charrues, in July, in Carhaix.

DC fonts, punk, books and Ireland

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