Emmanuelle Béart, Marina Foïs, Élodie Bouchez… The seventh art gathered at the “Madame Figaro movie dinner”

A month before the Cannes Film Festival, mrs figaro received, this Thursday, April 21, the fine flower of the seventh art at Gigi Paris. Back in pictures at a 100% French movie dinner.

between cinema and mrs figaro, a fusional love story and a weekly passion. This was recalled by Anne-Florence Schmitt, editorial director, in the preamble to an exceptional fourth Cinema Dinner, concocted with the complicity of Albane Cleret, with the support of BMW and Château Angelus, and in collaboration with Chopard and Caroline Scheufele. , the soul of the high jewelry house. It is also the latter that, always associated with the world of the arts, chiseled the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

The stars at the Madame Figaro Cinema Dinner 2022

All French cinema had responded favorably, with enthusiasm and loyalty: actors, producers, directors, agents, we were all burning to meet again after these long months of pandemic that kept us apart. The meeting took place at Chez Gigi, on the roof of the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées Avenue Montaigne, a new address imagined by Paris Society, a refined Italian restaurant with a breathtaking view of the Seine and the Eiffel Tower.

On the quickly packed panoramic terrace, Sandrine Kiberlain and Marina Foïs toasted their reunion. Spritz and Italian appetizers circulated to the rhythm of loving good humor and contagious energy. We laughed, delighted to meet.

At the table, Emmanuelle Béart exchanged her theatrical impressions with Benjamin Lavernhe from the Comédie Française. The latter’s fiancée, Rebecca Marder (the revelation ofA young girl that’s alright ) finally crossed paths with another Rebecca, Zlotowski, this one under the watchful eye of Agathe Roussel. Together with Anne Florence Schmitt, Gilles Lellouche, one of the kings of French cinema, joked with Alex Lutz and Sandrine Kiberlain, whom we later saw turn the tables, a warm script between all of them, accompanied by his daughter, the irresistible Suzanne Lindon. . Impossible to name all these familiar faces, from Elsa Zylberstein to Céline Sallette, passing through Souheila Yacoub or Mélanie Thierry.

At two in the morning they were all still there, some dancing, others deep in conversation on the sofas of the Riviera itself on the terraces of the premises. The Eiffel Tower had long since fallen asleep as the last guests left the deserted Avenue Montaigne for the night and dreams of a sweet and exciting cinematic story.


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