Eure. Gaël Musquet, the Vernon hacker, sponsors Rouen’s candidacy for European Capital of Culture

Gaël Musquet, a hacker from Vernon (Eure), used a data set consisting of the positions of ships in the port of Rouen to hijack the colorful portraits of Andy Warhol. (© The Vernon Democrat)

The famous resident of the Space Campus in Vernon (Eure) is still involved in a new project: commit so that Rouen (Seine-Maritime) and all the Norman axis of the Seine become European Capital of Culture in 2028.

Between two excursions via world, Gaël Musket explains what motivated you to sponsor the Rouen’s candidacy.

Addressed by municipality, could not refuse sponsorship. “I came to Rouen in 2001 for my studiesis here city ​​that welcomed meHacker abounds. Then I went through Troyes and Aix-en-Provence to return to Normandy, to Vernon, to settle my family there. »

youth and technology

Beyond his attachment to the territory, it is to represent youth and technology that he was chosen as a sponsor.

“The idea of ​​this sponsorship is to show how my skills can be made available to culture and to understand how culture can serve science. »

Gaël Muskethacker

Known for his computer skills, the hacker wishes to highlight the links that unite culture and science.

European Capitals of Culture

Each year, the European Capitals of Culture label highlights two or three cities designated by the European Commission to highlight “the richness and diversity” of European culture, celebrate the cultural ties “that bind Europeans together” and “promote” the culture development. in the cities of the European Union. The selected villages are then tasked with promoting their heritage and culture for one calendar year.

the data art does that speak to you? This emerging art movement uses data to create works of art. “We use infographics that will illustrate a set of data and touch the sensitivity of the viewer,” says Gaël Musquet.

Videos: currently on Actu

When collecting the ship positions in the port of Rouen, the hacker, for example, diverted the colorful portraits of Andy Warhol “I superimposed all the points recorded in a year to give a aesthetic vision to practical data. »

Culture at the service of science

On the contrary, the culture can also directly serve science. Specialist in risk management, she insists on the fundamental role that culture plays in risk prevention.

“In Normandy we have one of the most active amateur radio networks, it can be used to manage a disaster. »

Gaël Musket

the meetings and moments of culture must be used to “make society” and “build bonds of friendship”, two essential criteria in the Risks prevention.

Waiting to know if Rouen will get the precious labelGaël Musquet continues turn to culture Y engage in writing from the upcoming series by Alex Bergé, cyberiathat revolves around the world of piracy.

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