Fantastic Beasts 3: The film in the Harry Potter universe plunges into the US box office!

news culture Fantastic Beasts 3: The film in the Harry Potter universe plunges into the US box office!

Released on April 13, Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets, is unsuccessful. Change of actors for the big bad, a scenario that wavers between various influences, controversies around JK Rowling or Ezra Miller and difficulty of the productions are factors that can explain the situation. But this is not going well in the Americas.

The opening weekend of Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets did not turn out as well as Warner Bros. would have liked, making the future is very uncertain of this franchise.

Fantastic Beasts already dethroned in North America, but saved internationally

With only $43 million generated in North America, the film achieved the worst start from all over the Wizarding World, a brand that brings together everything related to the Harry Potter universe. In Francethe movie was still made over a million entries between April 13 and 19, which is far from dishonorable.

Unfortunately, in the United States the difficulties continue for the film, which recorded a 67% drop in attendance in its second weekend, generating just another 14 million. Last I heard, the movie had it generated $67 million at the US box office.which drops him to third place rear the bad boysPierre Perifel’s Dreamworks animated reality film which launched generating $24 million, but also behind sonic 2 which added $15.2 million to its local total which is now $145.8 million, for more than 300 million in the world.

In other words, Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets must, barring a miracle, be lowest-grossing film of the franchise across the Atlantic. By way of comparison, the first film had started with $74 million, when the second work, The crimes of Grindelwald, had generated 62 million. Fortunately for Warner and the film, success is quite present in the rest of the globe with 280 million dollars generated at the box office

A disappointment linked to multiple factors

But, how to explain that this new film has such a mixed reception in the American continent and is a success below expectations in the world? First of all, the film has suffered the pandemic, forcing the production to delay filming and manage certain aspects remotely. multiples changes and disappearances of actors, starting with that of Johnny Depp for Mads Mikkelsen, also influenced the withdrawal of Kevin Guthrie, as well as controversies around JK Rowling and Ezra Miller.

The film has also not been helped by word of mouth, which often portrays the film, whose script has been reworked, as very hesitant between Dumbledore’s story, Fantastic Beasts’ story, and the Harry Potter universe in general. So what future for the license that would initially consist of 5 movies? It seems that the trend is going to stop, the scenes of the other movies not yet written and Warner waiting to see How does this third work behave? at the box office

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