finally the name of the main antagonist of the film is revealed

CinemaCon 2022 has revealed posters, stills and synopses for several films, including aquaman And The Lost Kingdom, continuation of the first part aquaman with Jason Momoa in the title role. An event that makes us understand that a character will be at the center of this second work.

Aquaman News at CinemaCon

CinemaCon 2022, currently taking place in Las Vegas through April 28, is a major event in the film industry. It is during this great mass of Hollywood cinema that the big studios reveal announcements, teasers and movie previews. We were talking to you, for example, about the announcements that Sony Pictures made yesterday.

The annual event is also an opportunity for Warner Bros. and DC to provide news on their projects. Among them, aquaman and the lost kingdomNextaquaman released in 2018 with Jason Momoa and Amber Heard. A poster for the movie was shown, and director James Wan dropped a few words about his upcoming project.

In particular, he talked about the technology used for the film and revealed some clues about the story of this sequel. In fact, Wan announced that “new kingdoms and new main characters“will appear. He also talks about machines that resemble piloted octopuses, and gives news of Black Manta, antagonist of the first part, by announcing that it will take more scale.

Black Manta as a great villain?

In December 2021, Warner Bros. Pictures had released a synopsis for the film, which revealed that: “When an ancient power is unleashed, Aquaman must forge an uneasy alliance with an unlikely ally to protect Atlantis and the world from irreversible devastation.“.

Words tinged with mystery and subject to speculation as to ” this ally (Black Manta, Orm Marius) that can find their meaning today, sincea sequel to the film’s official synopsis was revealed and later streamed online by arguingmovie On twitterAN: “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will follow Aquaman and Orm, who reluctantly team up to take on Black Manta and his army.So, we understand that Black Manta played by Abdul-Mateen will be the main antagonist of the sequel, and that Aquaman will have to ally himself with his terrible half-brother.

In recent interviews, actor Abdul-Mateen II revealed thataquaman 2 reveal more about your character’s personality. This will include highlighting his super villain qualities. In addition, it announces that Black Manta will have much more screen time. One more confirmation.

wan the handyman

Let us add that at the origin, after aquamanDC Comics had had the idea of ​​Warner to prepare a spin-off titled The ditch, which hid a movie centered on Black Manta, and was going to take place between the two movies. A communication coup with a view toaquaman 2 she ultimately miscarried due to the pandemic. There is no doubt that the images of this cleave hidden will be integrated into James Wan’s future feature film, which may lend credence to the choice to set the supervillain in Black Manta.

Well flawed and delayed by the Covid, the production ofaquaman and the lost kingdom It officially ended last January. The film is scheduled for March 17, 2023.

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