For the book burning in Tennessee

Hot on the heels of the Tennessee Senate, the state House passed a bill Wednesday that will require booksellers on Tennessee school boards to submit to the state a list of all the books that will end up in their libraries by the beginning of the school. year. During the heated debate that preceded the vote, a Democratic representative asked his Republican colleague what will happen to the books that will be removed from the lists.

“Are you going to put them on the street? Set them on fire? Where are you going? »

“I have no idea, but I would burn them,” the Republican replied.

“That’s what I thought,” the Democrat responded.

as you remember Washington Post in an article on the Tennessee bill, book burnings are emblematic of authoritarian regimes, a type of government that may come to define the United States of America.

The text passed by the Tennessee legislature will become law if Tennessee’s Republican governor signs it into law. By a coincidence that is not really a coincidence, Joe Biden spoke out this Wednesday against this movement in favor of banning books in public schools in several conservative states.

“Did you ever think, even young teachers, that when you were teaching you would have to worry about book burnings and book bans, all because it doesn’t fit into someone’s political agenda?” asked the Democratic president during an intervention at the White House.

Generally, the books targeted by right-wing American censors focus on the history of slavery, racism, or issues related to sexual orientation or gender identity.

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