“Laurent Wauquiez does not want a culture that teaches you to think”, criticizes the city after the announcement of the reduction of subsidies

A few days after the announcement by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region to reduce part of the subsidies granted to cultural institutions, the shock wave has not yet abated. In particular in Lyon, where emblematic places such as the Opera or the Villa Gillet will be greatly affected by this decision.

“Where I am angry is the brutality of the falls. Villa Gillet loses 100% of its donations from the region. This amounts to condemning it, ”reacts Nathalie Perrin-Gilbert, deputy of the city of Lyon in charge of culture. The elected official also does not understand the arguments put forward by Sophie Rotkopf, vice president of the culture delegate region, in the columns of the Progress when he declares that the aforementioned establishment is “a very Lyonnaise structure”. “It doesn’t hold up. The Villa’s next project is in collaboration with 40 institutes, more than half of which are not from metropolitan France,” recalls the assistant.

“Wauquiez has delusions of grandeur”

For Nathalie Perrin-Gilbert the reason is quite different. “Laurent Wauquiez does not want a culture that teaches how to think, that forms citizens,” she analyzes, denouncing his “delusions of grandeur.” He prefers to settle alone in Auvergne with a museum of Gallic civilization that will cost hundreds of millions of euros, a project that he pilots alone, where he can proudly display a large blue and white panel and his photo. He is drunk with himself,” he replies bluntly.

But on the side of the region, which specifies that the 2022 culture budget “has remained identical to that of 2021 (62 million euros)”, the controversy does not have to be. “There are no judgments about the actions carried out by these structures, simply the concern to carry out a regional cultural action throughout the territory”, he responds to 20 minutes. And remember that “festivals whose subsidy is less than 4,000 euros, the film, book and plastic arts sectors will not be affected by the reductions.”

As for the city of Gillet, “its funding goes to the local authorities concerned” divides the region. Something that once again irritated Nathalie Perrin-Gilbert: “It doesn’t make sense, the region is a local authority just like the city and the metropolis.”

It remains to know the new distribution of subsidies that has not yet been communicated. Nathalie Perrin-Gilbert is already planning a crisis meeting requesting State services. So, “the city will roll up its sleeves but we cannot do the work of the region,” concludes the elected official.

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