Margot Robbie movie revealed

Wed 27 April 2022

After having had I don’t know how many toys, animated series and feature films… The most famous Barbie doll in the world will have, for the first time, the right to a film shot in real life. And we’ve known for a long time, after a great casting, the choice to play the doll fell on a 31-year-old Australian actress: margot robby. A choice acclaimed by the public because who better to represent Barbie? On a physical level, she is the same: tall, blonde, blue eyes, slender, fiery smile… When we saw her in The wolf of Wall Street dressed in pink seducing leo dicapriothe resemblance to Barbie was already evident.

The first frame of the film was released yesterday at the Warner conference in Las Vegas. We finally have the first image of Margot Robbie in Barbie because filming has begun. We see her straight hair with a blue headband, a big smile on her face and above all she is in her famous pink convertible car that we all dreamed of having when we were children. The photo looks great and makes you want to discover the film.

a crazy cast

Especially since the Barbie movie seems to have all the ingredients to be a success. Already with the casting of her, because in addition to Margot Robbie, it is Ryan Gosling who will play his friend Ken of him. Suffice it to say, the ultra-stylish blonde duo of handsome actors sends plenty of dreams. In addition, next to him we find will ferrell who will surely play the boss of Mattel, the founding brand of Barbie, but also simu-liu marvel’s new hero, America Ferrara, Michael Cera, Hari Nef... And eye! There will also be the young Franco-British actress Emma Mackeydiscovered in Sex education and since then he has made a career in the cinema. We have seen it in particular in Eiffel with Romain Duris and in the american blockbuster Death on the Nile. The actress was not chosen randomly because she looks so much like Margot Robbie, and the two are often compared. People were crazy knowing that we were going to see both of them reunited on the screen. For now, we don’t know what role she’s going to play, but we can think of her sister maybe or a slightly rival brown Barbie, why not?

Barbie feminist version?

If the plot remains a mystery, we already know the general tone of the film: Barbie will be expelled from her world and will have to live in the real world for the first time, so discover the codes of the humans or even get used to it. to her woman’s body and no longer to her doll’s body. A fairly well thought out and quite innovative concept, which will surely allow us to evoke much deeper themes than the stereotypical Barbie bimbo. Especially since the film is directed by greta gerwingto whom we owe in particular lady bird Y The Daughters of Dr. March. An indie and feminist director who will surely give a different image to the Mattel doll when talking about current issues such as the misogyny, the dictates of the perfect body, the emancipation of women… The truth is that this is the direction that the brand seems to want to take, since it is also developing a film about Poly Pocket with Lily Collins which is led by Lena Dunham. The creator of the series. GirlsWhat greta Gerwing, She is a very feminist filmmaker and very committed to showing a different and realistic image of women in her works. Her profiles, therefore, were not chosen at random and will have the heavy task of trying to sweep away the clichés that her toys have transmitted to girls for too long.

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