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Years 20 is a feature film shot in a single uninterrupted shot for one hour and thirty minutes! This atypical work shot in the heart of Paris was released in theaters on April 27.

After Paris Is Ours, streaming on Netflix in April 2020, Elisabeth Vogler returns behind the camera with ’20s, in theaters April 27.

The film takes us to Paris, on a summer afternoon in 2020, some time after the end of the first confinement. The camera follows one passer-by and then the other, going through the streets of the city and multiplying the curious encounters: eccentric young people, original characters and non-conformists.

During a single uninterrupted shot, the camera connects the characters through the same territory, and the same time in crisis that each one goes through and questions in their own way.

After Paris is Ours, a very low-budget film financed through a crowdfunding campaign and shot without authorization in the streets of Paris, director Elisabeth Vogler continues to explore new ways of making cinema with the 1920s.

“I continue my search in reality imagining the camera as a thread that unites existences”she says.

Note that the name Elisabeth Vogler is a pseudonym taken from one of the characters in Ingmar Bergman’s Persona, an actress who suddenly stops speaking.

“Cinema is something intimate for me. As a teenager I was tormented and full of doubts. The cinema allowed me little by little to have the courage to get closer to who I really am. I prefer people to be interested in the films I make more than in my person and I really feel closer to myself with a female pseudonym”he says, justifying his choice of anonymity.

Shot in a single one hour and thirty minute sequence shot in the heart of Paris, the shoot was a true tour de force for the crew.

The rehearsals lasted a month but not with all the actors, as the screenwriter Laurent Rochette reveals.

“The film already had to be worked sequence by sequence. Then we repeat the configuration with the camera. light. We couldn’t stop the camera”he explains.

Then the film crew rehearsed only once with the whole group. Everything was really timed and prepared in advance.

“We tried to control the uncontrollable in a certain way. For example, in sound, we only had 11 lavalier microphones from 24 actors. So there was a whole system for the microphones to reach the actors. The sound engineers took their bikes to get there. “. to subsequent sequences”explains Laurent Rochette.

Years 20 is worn by Noémie Schmidt, a young actress who reveals herself alongside Claude Brasseur in L’Etudiante et monsieur Henri. Already very interested in Paris is Ours, the actress was also very involved in this project, in particular through a tour of an unprecedented scale to promote the film in France.

In fact, the feature team wanted to extend the 1920s experience with a series of events. In each of the 12 cities on the pre-tour, they produced an episode broadcast the same night, in the theater before the movie and on the Internet.

Beginning on April 9, audiences were able to discover a new character each day in their hometown, before seeing them all reunited in Paris in the film.

As in Years 20, each episode was shot in one go, that is, 12 real sequence shots at the end. To make such a performance possible, a team of 15 people was constantly on the road for 15 days.

You can find the series on the film’s YouTube channel.

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