the 5 exhibitions of spring 2022, from Paris to Philadelphia

This spring, an imaginary journey in 5 exhibitions through the metamorphosis of bodies, a dialogue between sculpture and light, a tribute to color or a retrospective on the human condition in the mines of South Africa… Art questions all our understandings.

5 contemporary art exhibitions – Spring 2022:

The meravigliosa Biennial is back! Venice. The 59th Venice Biennale, initially scheduled for 2021, is working hard as, for the first time, it will last more than seven months. At the head, one, or rather a new artistic curator: Cecilia Alemani. The first Italian woman in this position, she immediately moved the lines. The 213 invited artists come from 58 countries, making it the most international edition in the history of the Biennial. In addition to departing from a eurocentre trop vision, Cecilia Alemani remet in cause l’habituelle domination masculine dans ce genre d’événement, because the plupart des artistes présentés dans l’exposition principale sont des femmes et des non-binaires, avec These figures tell that Vera Molnár, Simone Fattal, Claude Cahun, Sonia Delaunay, Florence Henri, Marguerite Humeau, Niki de Saint Phalle, Kapwani Kiwanga… Le pavillon français est à l’unisson de ce mouvement, puisque c’est Zineb Sedira who represents France. 59 Venice Biennale, until November 27.

Woman with a Basket and a Red Rooster, 1947, Baya Mahieddine. adrien-maeght-collection-saint-paul-galerie-maeght-paris

Duet in weightlessness, Luxembourg. All his life, Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988) played with light, creating washi paper lanterns directly inspired by the Gifu lantern tradition. It is also with light that the artist Danh Vo enters into a dialogue with the refined universe of Isamu Noguchi, proposing, under the glass roof of the Museum of Modern Art, a mineral and, above all, vegetable installation, created in collaboration with a Luxembourger . gardener. Isamu Noguchi’s paper lanterns seem to float above marble fragments found by Danh Vo in Italy, as well as tree stumps and baskets of foliage and flowers collected in a park near the museum. This dialogue between sculptures of light and nature, abstract shapes and organic thrusts is all the more amazing as it will evolve with the seasons and the growth of plants. Isamu Noguchi / Danh Vo. In Cloud and Flowers, until September 19.

praise Of Color, Paris. Few people know of the radiant, abstract work of Giorgio Griffa, a major figure on the Italian art scene. After the retrospective dedicated to him by the Lille Museum of Modern Art last year, the Pompidou Center offers a more modest but equally impressive view of his work, through a set of 18 canvases donated to the museum by the artist. Giorgio Griffa’s paintings are recognizable for their frank and luminous colours, for the simplicity of the signs he uses – lines, curves, spirals… The unpainted areas of the canvas, linen or cotton, do not constitute a hole, but one of the essential components of his works. Purified without being austere, carried by the joy of colors and economy of line, his paintings are imbued with great serenity. Giorgio Griffa, Center Pompidou, until June 27.

Humanize abstraction, Philadelphia. Before turning to art, Sean Scully was a Christmas postman, a plasterer, a cardboard box stacker in a factory, and most of all, a brick cleaner on a construction site. Perhaps that is why his canvases are usually made up of arrangements of rectangular shapes that resemble bricks, and that he calls them ” walls of light “, because it puts” air, light, shadows, moon colors, love where walls often separate people and territories. This retrospective allows us to discover the amazing emotional force that emanates from the work of one of the leading abstract artists of our time. Sean Scully. The Shape of Ideas, Philadelphia Museum of Art, through July 31.

Green Light, 1972-1973, Sean Scully, private collection.

Green Light, 1972-1973, Sean Scully, private collection. sean scully

liberating art, Milan. Known by the general public for his feature films – Hunger, shame, twelve years of slavery… –, Steve McQueen also leads a virtuoso career as an experimental videographer. He witnesses this retrospective at the Pirelli HangarBicocca. Once again, the place of the body is significant in his work. Inside charlotte (2004), he points his finger at Charlotte Rampling’s pupil, until he touches her eyeball, oscillating between aggression and desire. Inside deep western (2002), documents the grueling daily life of workers in a South African gold mine. With a radical look at the human condition, Steve McQueen proves that he is one of the great artists of our time. Steve McQueen, Sunshine State, Pirelli HangarBicocca, through July 31.

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