The cultural choices of the “Point”: with James Bond’s father or Angèle’s photographer?

Cunning with the father of James Bond

L’True story of fake news orchestrated by the British secret service during World War II. The goal? Make the Nazis believe that the Allied landing will not take place in Sicily but in Greece. Inside CunningBritish John Madden (Shakespeare in Love, The Rachel Singer Affair) recounts in detail the assembly of this operation called mince (mince) and assembled by two intelligence officers, Ewen Montagu (Colin Firth) and Charles Cholmondeley (Matthew Macfayden), assisted by a certain Lieutenant Colonel Ian Fleming (Johnny Flynn), the future father of 007. corpse disguised as a fictional English soldier carrying a letter evoking an upcoming landing in Greece. Will the Nazis fall for it? It’s not that simple. The suspense is skillfully maintained throughout this intense film starring protagonists whose righteousness does not exclude humor.

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Learn to use the bow and saber

In the heart of bow and saber An enigmatic character nests despite his worldwide fame, the samurai. born in the twelfthY century in the world of Japanese warlords, the daimyos, is a figure of courage and nobility, the hero of legendary stories such as the one, based on historical events, of the “47 ronins”. Engravings, armor pieces and statuettes show how Japan celebrated this true hero from the very beginning. More startling still, much of the exhibit reveals just how much he’s been teased since the 17th century.Y century, especially in the willfully scandalous and ironic kabuki theatre. In its last part, the course focuses on movies, manga and video games that reinvent the legendary warrior in their own way. Fun and instructive.

The Bow and the Saber, imaginary warrior of Japan, at the Guimet Museum. Until August 29.

Discover Her Majesty’s worst spies

Forget George Smiley, the hero of John le Carré’s novels… The character of Jackson Lamb, born from the unbridled imagination of Mick Herron, is probably the most useless secret agent in MI5, the British counterintelligence service. . He’s not the only one : slow house (translate “the house of cards”), which he is in charge of, brings together all the losing spies in the UK. Adapted from the homonymous book, published in France ten years ago, the new Apple+ series, directed by Will Smith (not the author of the Oscars slap, just a homonym) makes us discover a precious gallery of imbeciles plastered in this department-landfill. Gary Oldman (Carefree) is the head of this broken-arm crew who is joined, in the first episode, by young River Cartwright (played by Jack Lowden, seen in Dunkirk by Christopher Nolan)… That he believes he can contribute, at his level, to the security of the country. Really?

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slow horsesto view on the Apple+ platform.

catch the seagull

It is not easy to tackle a classic like Seagull, Anton Chekhov’s masterpiece about our desires for art, change and our frustrated dreams. After appearing on the movie boards of filmmakers like Thomas Vintenberg (Feast) and John Cassavetes (opening night, with Isabelle Adjani), Cyril Teste is interested in the Russian playwright following an original thread: that of Oedipus. Isn’t it his mother and not Nina, “the seagull”, whom Treplev finally loves, who dreams of being a writer and who ends up committing suicide? “The main goal of this adaptation is to explore the son/mother relationship, and to write about a son’s crazy love for his mother. Crazy love and pain: Treplev is not loved, or he is too little, or not as he would like, ”explains the director in his note of intentions. On stage, hidden cameras and microphones closely follow Chekhov’s characters. Large white canvas panels serve as a projection support and multiply the possible views and points of view. Here, a lake, there, a forest of fir or elm trees. Black and white, color… We find the influence of Cassavetes. The screens hypnotize us. A little too much: sometimes we would like to see these bodies more in front of us than projected. However, Cyril Teste’s characters achieve the feat of leading us into the fall of his world. To the dismay of Treplev (the shy Mathias Labelle), the women lead the dance of lost illusions starting with Nina, played by a captivating Liza Lapert with her short platinum blonde hair and body tattoos, and Arkadina, the mother of Treplev magnified by Olivia Corsini, an actress full of nuances already seen alongside the maestro Romeo Castellucci. Is it this lake that drives you crazy, as Anton Chekhov writes? We left the room confused.

Seagull, by Anton Chekhov. Directed by Cyril Teste and the Collectif MxM at the Théâtre Amandiers-Nanterre until April 30. May 12 and 13 at the Scène Nationale de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, May 17-19 at the TAP Poitiers and June 15 and 16 at the Orléans CDN.

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bite you with honey

Oh! But what has stung Charlotte Abramow? Not a fly, a bee! At 28, the most prominent photographer of her generation, director of funny and shocking clips for Angèle in particular, who has just been censored for evoking female pleasure in a video for Suzane, has infiltrated a group of seven aspiring beekeeper trained under Guerlain’s “Women for Bees” Program. Its purpose is to encourage women’s groups to create honey-related businesses around the world. Of diverse ages and origins, this group as united as the insects of a beehive posed for the lens of the young Belgian, fascinated by the role of bees in our lives and terrified (rightly so) by the impact that their possible disappearance would have on the world. environment. She captures the proud looks, the hard work of women and bees, the honey that flows, sensual, essential. Let’s see, art dart!

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The “Piquées” exhibition is free to enter until July 22 at Maison Guerlain, 68, avenue des Champs-Élysées 75008 Paris

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