The Flash: What The Movie Should Explain About Batman

By BorisS.

– Posted on 27 Apr 2022 at 11:18

If we talk a lot about The flashIt’s less because of Ezra Miller’s road trips than because of the presence in the cast of Michael Keaton’s Batman. The film must explain in particular an essential fact about the Dark Knight imagined by Tim Burton. We explain everything to you!

Thirty years after playing the Dark Knight in the second bat Man Tim Burton’s Michael Keaton is about to resume service in Gotham thanks to the multiverse of The flash. The film that we will discover in the cinema on June 21, 2023 will have to clarify a crucial point about the ambiguous personality of the vigilante of the night. Batman fans first had a hard time imagining Michael Keaton as a night-owl superhero right after he played Beetlejuice, a goofy bio-exorcist. The actor has yet revealed a rare darkness in the bat suit, so he could replace Ben Affleck’s cursed Batman in Bat girlthe next installment of the DCEU.

So if Michael Keaton is about to become the only Dark Knight in the new saga canon, The flash must explain an ambiguous point of his personality. In the two works directed by Tim Burton, we discover a vigilante not only tormented but also capable of losing his temper, of becoming brutal, to the point of forgetting his main rule that prohibits him from killing. If he bat Man by Joel Schumacher have clearly toned down the Dark Knight, even if it means turning him into a cartoonish character, The flash is on a mission to explain why Batman stopped killing. The character played by Michael Keaton could not help but get rid of the Joker, responsible for the death of his parents, the Penguin, a vengeful and murderous orphan. However, he asks Catwoman to let Max Shreck live, a horrible corrupt tycoon responsible for the symbolic death of Selina Kyle.

Flash’s Batman stopped killing thanks to Catwoman

Facing Max Shreck, Catwoman feels a deep thirst for revenge, just like Batman fighting the Joker. “ We are the same », explains the Dark Knight before unmasking. Catwoman ends up killing her nemesis anyway. the batman of The flash is no longer the same as before. He no longer kills after failing to save Shreck. It remains to be seen if The flash the narrative arc of both will be taken into account bat Man by Joel Schumacher in which the vigilante does not kill his adversaries, though he certainly fails to save Two-Face. We can well imagine Bruce Wayne explaining to Barry Allen that the murder of the Joker did not quench his thirst for revenge. This hypothesis is increasingly credible when we know that Michael Keaton’s Batman will have lost his Robin in Bat girl. Inside The flash, Bruce Wayne would therefore offer his teachings to Barry Allen, as he did in the past with Dick Grayson. Answer in theaters summer 2023!

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