VIDEO – An unusual art gallery in Châteauguay

The artist Dego in front of some of his works exhibited in his new Art Life gallery. (Photo: The Sun – Jules Gauthier)

Painter and sculptor Dego recently opened Art life, the first contemporary art gallery in Châteauguay in a small building on boulevard Saint-Jean-Baptiste that also houses a car wash and vehicle rental business. With this amazing concept, he hopes to give people better access to art.

Dego, whose real name is Detlef Gotzens, was born in Cologne, Germany, in 1952. After studying in one of the oldest stained glass workshops in his hometown, he decided to fly to Canada in 1985 for the ‘adventure’. He lived in Montreal for a few years and then settled in Montérégie.

“I have lived in Saint-Chrysostome for some time, I also have my studio there where I paint every day and where my hundreds of works are stored. Some are even almost three meters wide! he told her to the newspaper.

The artist says he is interested in abstract work, but also in the use of figurative elements that he displays in his paintings. “I think that in both my paintings and my sculptures there are elements of free expression as well as more controlled forms, which is undoubtedly an expression of my personality that manifests or is reflected in my work,” he specifies.

a new concept

The space that the small art gallery occupies was originally intended to be an aesthetic products business, but the latter never saw the light of day due to the pandemic. Julius Zavodni, the owner of the building, a friend of the artist and a great collector of his works, has therefore decided to offer him this space so that he can promote his work and offer something positive to the local population.

According to Dego, people are very surprised to find a gallery here while waiting to rent a truck or have their vehicle cleaned. “It’s a weird juxtaposition with these businesses, but I like it, I believe in experimenting with new things, we’ll see where it takes us,” he says confidently.

For the painter, who realized that there was no contemporary art gallery in Châteauguay before, this place is a good way to give the citizens of Châteauguay the opportunity to have access to culture.

For those interested in meeting the artist, Detlef Gotzens confirms that he is present on Wednesdays and Fridays from noon at the gallery located at 242 boulevard Saint-Jean-Baptiste in Châteauguay.

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