VIDEO. “BAROC’n CO, 400 years of madness” offers a trip to current baroque music

BAROC’n CO magazine invites you to travel through the world of baroque music in the company of the Lyon ensemble le Concert de l’Hostel Dieu. From the recreation of a work from 300 years ago, to the mixture of baroque music with slam or hip-hop, you will never hear this music in the same way again.

In the small world of baroque music, the Concert at the Hostel Dieu has found its place. In particular, offering an approach to often little-known works, or even unearthed scores from the extremely rich collection of early music in the Lyon municipal library.

In these modern times of the second decade of the 21st century, one could believe that everything had been exhumed from the ancient musical libraries of our European continent. Two generations of musical explorers had dusted off, deciphered, displayed, played all these works of the music of our 17th and 18th century ancestors. What could this third generation still invent to maintain in the baroque that capital B that makes it a music that has regained its youth in the last forty years?

Not counting this new wave of baroque gentlemen who know that in Lyon, French and Italian music still has many treasures to offer. In this quest for the unknown, Franck Emmanuel Comte at the head of the Concert de l’Hostel-Dieu ensemble based in Lyon, one day he emerged triumphant from the holdings of the Lyon municipal library. From the rays he had just extracted a mysterious work. A simple name, Luigi Da Mancia, and a date, 1698.

It is from this oratorio composed by an Italian composer that everything began. An oratorio is a kind of opera with a biblical story as its theme. The Concert de l’Hostel-Dieu offered on March 21, at theLyon Auditoriumthe recreation of this work not performed for a little over three centuries, “Il paradiso perdto”, the aptly named paradise lost,… but music found.

The approach of the conductor, harpsichordist, does not stop there. For a long time he has liked to mix baroque music with other musical styles. We’ve seen it emerge quite naturally from the Irish music side, but also from jazz or sometimes exotic world music, like China.

But during the first confinement, Franck Emmanuel Comte decided to change the era rather than the destination, approaching a more contemporary and urban universe, hip-hop, slam and beatbox. Three small forms close to chamber music emerged from these techniques, entitled Fuga-cités in collaboration with mehdi kruger for the blow, tiko for the drum machine and Jerome Oussou for hip-hop. These forms prolong the great adventure of the hip-hop and baroque dance show “Folia” created in Fourviere nights with the choreographer Mourad Merzouki.

Thus, on this journey through the Baroque, you will be able to listen to slam-baroque, you will be able to see hip-hop dance in the baroque style and travel through the territories of Auvergne Rhône Alpes that resonate with the accents of this music, in Ambronay in Ain, St Donat in Drôme or in the country of Mont Blanc with its baroque chapels.

Finally, you will live the last moments of the birth of a 300-year-old musical work with the rehearsals and the concert of this famous lost paradise. After that, you will not listen to this so-called baroque music in the same way, which is still very much alive in the 21st century.

BAROC’n CO, 400 years of madness, written by Franck Giroud directed by Fabien Raymond, produced by Séquence. Broadcast on April 27 at 11:15 pm

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