Videos of Alec Baldwin, in shock after his fatal shooting on the set of the movie “Rust”

Videos released by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office show Alec Baldwin answering officers’ questions moments after Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer on the set of the film. “Oxide”He was fatally shot from a revolver the American actor was handling during rehearsal for a scene last October.

In the images, we see the actor in cowboy clothes, practicing to draw a revolver that is pointed in the direction of the camera, but not the moment in which the fatal blow is delivered. Another video shows Alec Baldwin shortly after the tragedy, visibly in shock as police called the scene to meet him. Alec Baldwin has always said that he was sure his gun was harmless and claims that he never pulled the trigger when he fired the fatal shot.

The sequel after the announcement.

After his fatal shooting, charges against Alec Baldwin cannot be ruled out

The end of the investigation.

The forensic investigation is coming to an end. According to Adán Mendoza, the sheriff of the county of Santa Fe (New Mexico) where the tragedy occurred on October 21, now it is only about “weeks”. The investigators are waiting in particular for the ballistic report from the FBI, the federal police in charge of analyzing the fatal bullet and the revolver that fired it, as well as all the conclusions of the autopsy, he explained to ABC television.

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Sheriff Mendoza made this announcement as his services have just released the many items collected by police over the past six months, including videos, photos, and more than 200 pages of statements. Among these documents is, in particular, a video showing Alec Baldwin rehearsing the scene in which 42-year-old cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was beaten.

Following the fatal shooting of Alec Baldwin, the use of firearms on the sets in question in the United States

In particular, the police are trying to find out how live ammunition could be found on the set, which in theory is strictly prohibited, precisely to avoid accidents. Is “one of the key questions” of the investigation, Sheriff Mendoza said Tuesday, adding that “no one came to see us to admit to having introduced ammunition on the set”. There have been no arrests in this case, but criminal proceedings are not excluded if responsibilities are established.

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