Will “The Case of Alaska Sanders” by Joël Dicker be the most boring book of the year?

After “The Enigma of Room 622”, Joël Dicker is at the top of the best-seller rankings with his brand new book, in which he signs a sequel to “The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair”. A book that deeply upset critics of “Masque & la Plume”… Here’s why.

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The book summarized by Jérôme Garcin

A novel of almost 600 pages, printed in 600,000 copies, which is the chronological continuation of “The Truth About Harry Quebert” – “The Book of Baltimore”, already published, being the last volume of the trilogy.

In April 1999, the body of Alaska Sanders, a 22-year-old beauty queen employed at a gas station, was found at the edge of a lake in an American town. The investigation closed, closed. Alaska’s murderer and lover had committed suicide and her accomplice was behind bars. It is 11 years after the case bounces back when the police sergeant, who had solved the crime, receives an anonymous letter in which it is written that the culprit and her accomplice are innocent. Writer Marcus Goldman, world famous author of “The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair” will help the sergeant, his friend, to solve the mystery.

Dicker’s sixth thriller and number one bestseller

Nelly Kapriélan: “a consensual book, full of clichés”

Inrocks’ review ironically deplores the literary structure of Joël Dicker’s novels for which he always manages to turn his books into best-sellers where, as this is an example, everything is simplistic, conventional and fueled by clichés.

“I’m going to get rich off of him; if you want to write a bestseller, you absolutely have to follow what he does…

There are totally absurd formulations, a little grotesque. Besides, he is the magical cauldron of Harry Potter: he has put all the codes of television series and thrillers written by others … Everything agrees, with all the clichés.

If you read a book to keep yourself in suspense, you have to read it, but if you want something else, no, it’s not the book to read at all…”

Jean-Claude Raspiengeas doesn’t even know “which way to go…”

The critic of La Croix has very often found himself alone in defending the author for his previous books, until this week, during which he admits to having submitted to a real examination of conscience… Since this book constitutes this time a real enigma, according to him, that manages to establish itself as a new bestseller, avoid at all costs…

I don’t even know which way to go. There is nothing to save, nothing endures…

These flash back systems, we don’t understand anything about them… But, above all, what discourages me and is the object of my soul-searching, is the language, the style, the dialogues, the situations are implausible and indigent… In my memory, the others were a little better written.

Absolutely does not hold. It is a textbook case and is at the top of the best sellers.

Apparently he sells 25,000 a week. The question it raises is why do readers rush into this type of reading? It is a real enigma… when there are so many masterpieces that are in the libraries, getting to them and that would do them much more good than reading this…”

Olivia de Lamberterie was deeply bored…

For the journalist and literary critic of “Elle” magazine, the book is so helpless that it has gone through all possible negative states; bored, angry and deeply unhappy after having closed a book whose author does not master the rules of the imperfect and the simple past…

It is written at the speed of a neurasthenic snail and agrees

The characters have so little meat, they are so little described and embodied…

As for the style, he is a boy who does not know the concordance of time at all; that he is still the BA BA. We learn the articulation between the imperfect and the simple past in elementary school…

If we eliminated the sentences that do not work, we would easily reach 50 pages

According to Arnaud Viviant, “the author owes his success to the systematic plagiarism he makes of Philip Roth’s style”…

To begin with, Arnaud was upset that he hadn’t even received the book as a PDF, even though no other books were available from the publisher when he placed his order. Don’t worry, that didn’t stop him from sharing this long-standing theory he’s had about Joël Dicker’s style…

“The first one had offended me and it seems there, from what I heard, using the same recipe… That, deep down, what was decisive in the success of Joël Dicker? It is the publisher Bernard de Fallois. , an immense Proustian whom everyone revered, a peerless scholar, who writes in a french-globish… This is how it was critically acclaimed from the very beginning, when it was a plagiarism of the last great novelist of the 20th centuryPhilip Roth, from whom he took all the elements to make a disgusting “fake” marketing… It’s crazy how it can come to this”.

The book

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“The Case of Alaska Sanders” by Joël Dicker

By Jeronimo Garcin

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