Young people play at the Migennois intercommunal music school

“I learned many things like using the saw and screwing with the drill.” Like Théo, a student at the Migennois inter-municipal music school, a dozen children attended the participatory site this Tuesday afternoon. An event organized after the transfer of the establishment on February 28, in the former premises of the Marie-Noël school, Avenue des Cosmonautes, in the Mignottes district.

The Migennois intercommunal music school moves to the Mignottes neighborhood

“It is intended primarily for students. The idea is to involve them in the development work so that they can take the best possible ownership of the premises. Afterwards, it is open to everyone although places are limited to twelve people per day. , for reasons of space”, explains the director, Alain Fenet.

Five days to furnish the entrance hall

Launched on Monday, the site runs through Friday, “every day from 2-5pm.” This week will allow the children to make furniture for the music school. “The main mission is to furnish the entrance hall to make it more welcoming. The kids redo the billboards, create a signage system, and make a kind of sofa that will also serve as storage.”

All of these fixtures are made from reclaimed wood. Which comes from the association of Auxerre Au bonheur des chutes. “We are committed to protecting the environment, recovering materials from local industries,” explains Manon Souchet. Having come to the association as an employee since March, this designer is overseeing such a project for the first time. “I like to share my knowledge and teach the logic of design and manufacturing to children.” She is accompanied by cabinetmaker Éric Labro, a volunteer for the association.

Together, they advise the children on the methods to adopt in order to work in complete safety. Recommendations that also serve accompanying parents. “I took advantage of my day to take my daughter and my two sons. They are all students here. I found the initiative interesting, because it allows them to go out a bit during the holidays. In addition, we teach them concepts that may be useful to them. to them later. His son, Ourian listens with one ear. “It is true that they forced us a bit to come, he admits with a smile. But I do not regret. It allows us to know how to handle different materials such as wood and use machines”.

An action under the contract of the City of Migennes

Since its launch on Monday, the participatory site has sold out. A particular success due to the communication carried out upstream. “We put up many posters in the establishment, we post publications on the networks. The council also shared the act on its website,” says Alain Fenet.

The operation is also part of the City contract, concluded in collaboration between the State, the municipality of Migennes, the Community of Municipalities of the Migennoise Agglomeration (CCAM), the Yonne Departmental Council and the Burgundy Regional Council. This is how the music school was able to benefit from a grant of 4,900 euros to carry out this performance at a total cost of 5,400 euros. “This system allows us to finance projects of this type in priority neighbourhoods”, specifies Aurélie Haerinck, from the City’s development and attractiveness department.

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