a new harmony to revive the kiosks

“I would like to rediscover the rural environment of the kiosks because there is a whole repertoire of very popular and delicious classical music that has been completely abandoned,” explains the sixty-year-old. Sheet music by Offenbach, Verdi, Rossini or Chopin, polkas, mazurkas, rarely performed in concert halls where concern for profitability favors other programming. True to his concern for cultural democratization, Patrick Landarrabilco thus intends to reconnect with the free concert that mostly brings people together in public space.

“If we continue programming only profitable shows, we will abandon a whole part of our cultural wealth”

free concerts

“If we continue programming only profitable shows, we will abandon a whole part of our cultural wealth. I firmly believe that everyone has an interest in investing in this popular culture. Otherwise, it will be difficult for us one day to attract students to music schools, for example, and continue renewing what makes us live culture, live performance”, pleads the musician who will return the baton from the municipal harmony of Orthez after the Christmas concert, on July 22.

This first pocket harmony concert thus aims to seduce the producers and turners invited on Sunday. If Patrick Landarrabilco encourages everyone to come and share this moment of lightness between 2 and 4 p.m., in front of the hot springs, he hopes to attract many elected officials whose municipalities have a bandstand. “I would like to show that there are still elected officials who are sensitive to this approach. We need a real political will because without public help we will not achieve it. It is up to the local elected officials to reactivate this social and cultural space that are the music kiosks”, defends the musician. Around these kiosks, it is for Patrick Landarrabilco, the joy of being together that is played out.

Travel all over France

The association L’harmonie de poche was recently created in Puyoô to take this project to the four corners of France. An ambition that its president, Patrick Landarrabilco, hopes to deploy from 2023. A time needed to fine-tune the harmony recital, put on a real show, raise funds and attract programmers. And the musician to launch this new harmony is looking for a structure capable of hosting an artist residency next year.

“Based on this set, I have many other ideas to engage the fans,” slides Patrick Landarrabilco. The pedagogue, shepherd of notes, easily imagines one-week courses led by pocket harmony musicians and leading to popular music concerts.

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