A new plot for growing watercress is available in Enquin-sur-Baillons

Spearhead of watercress cultivation in Montreuillois, the village of Enquin-sur-Baillons offers a new plot for rent. It is currently operated by a cresiculturist who wishes to slow down.

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Things are definitely moving towards Enquin’s watercress beds. In March last year, the municipality entrusted the exploitation of one of its abandoned watercress to the Cré’actif – Biosol 62 workshop in Le Portel.

A few weeks ago, the town celebrated its first watercress festival and inaugurated the watercress brotherhood. A way to value this emblematic culture of the Course Valley, which seemed to be experiencing a certain renaissance.

Alongside the plot of the Cré’actif workshop is that of Patrick and Caroline Dubois. It is part of the latter, vast forty hectares, that the 63-year-old grower is preparing to return to the village. He intends to slow down and stop growing in the middle of his plot. He maintains 20 areas that will be exploited by his wife Caroline.

a clean identity

Patrick Dubois worked for six years as a paramedic before becoming a cresiculturist. He knew this culture for having helped his grandfather, since he was a child, to cultivate the family watercress. Also, he converted. ” It is not an easy job, it is physical and watercress requires a lot of presence during the season from September to December. A month off and we start again from mid-January to mid-May. Then comes the reinstallation of the ponds and the transplanting of the seeds in early June. The cresicultor profession with an area of ​​40 areas allows you to earn a living, and there are many marketing points. »

Having grown this plant for 20 years in Lillers and Norrent-Fontes, he finds that the land is easier to work in Enquin. The gravel mat allows the operator not to sink into the mud and this soil gives a less pungent and more fragrant flavor to the watercress. Enquin’s own identity acclaimed by great chefs and consumers.

Information at the town hall, tel. : 03 21 81 09 39 or from Pierre-André Leleu, mayor, tel. : 06 48 76 65 43 or by email: pierre-andre.leleu@orange.fr

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