Bilge. The first big pop culture event this weekend

It is an event that attracts between 4,000 and 5,000 visitors to Sin-le-Noble each year and lands in Bouchine. In a more restricted version to begin with. “But the goal will be to make it last and grow, in agreement with the municipality“, assumes the organizer Jonathan Debaere, 35 years old. For this he expects afirst successthe weekend of April 30 and 1Ahem May of “Bouchain Geek”. This is the name of this great convention of the geek universe, comics, manga and other cosplay. Douaisis has its “Sin Manga”, Valenciennes and Ostrevant will now have their “Bouchain Geek”.

A success, already, in Sin-le-Noble

I’m Belgian, my girlfriend is from Sin-le-Noble and we just moved to Bouchain, Jonathan explains. My mother-in-law launched a manga fair seven years ago to encourage young people to move to Sin-le-Noble with the Tous Sinois association! of which I am treasurer. I provided the sound system for the event with my sound box installed in Belgium. We do 500 tickets with 10 exhibitors the first year. She asked me to get involved a second time. I have a lot of knowledge in the area. And we have attracts 1,500 visitors with 35 exhibitors. As of now, there are 130 every year in Sin-le-Noble. “

thousand visitors

For this first edition of Bouchinoise, the 30-year-old has put all his skills, knowledge and experience. Thus, there will already be around thirty exhibitors in Bouchain and the organizer has a thousand visitors. “I presented my project to the mayor of Bouchain and he said yes immediately. But the health crisis has prevented us from doing so for the last two years. 2022 is good“, rejoices Jonathan Debaere. He is convinced that theregreat potential and real expectation” in Valenciennes and Cambrésis or even beyond for an event of this kind dedicated to pop culture.

Scholars requested

Throughout the weekend, the public will find a lot of things: figurines, Disney, Japanese and American groceries, a Japanese food-truck, artists and designers, guests, cosplay, a concert…”We also organize a great drawing contest in the schools of the city, indicates Jonathan, the children were asked to draw a manga or a character they liked, even from Disney. Their best drawings will be exhibited in the room and a jury of cartoonists will choose some winners. It is a nice idea that, in addition, should bring many families.”

many exhibitors

Parmi les exhibitors à l’affiche, pêle-mele: des costumes fursuits, des créatrices de teddies et goodies faits main, une exposition de costumes et accessoires cosplay, a stand for Disney fans, des jeux videos, des créatrices de bijoux, figurines and porte-clés sur les thèmes fantastique, steampunk or séries télévisées, the presence of the Osakatoys boutique, a designer of illustrations et peintures sur le thème de la culture geek, a stand dedicated to the universe comics et pop culture avec des portes clés, des créations en bois et en tissus, cadres, figurines, pop’s… Et pour vos papilles, a manufacturer of bubble-tea, la Folie du Bonbon, une friterie ou encore un food-truck de Sushis et Ramens faits uniquement avec des fresh products…

Cosplay contest, dance play, concert…

Many activities are also planned during this first “Bouchain Geek”. In addition to the great drawing contest for the city’s schoolchildren, there will be a cosplay contest for visitors with prior registration, and another dedicated to dance. On Sunday at 4:00 p.m., a concert will be given by Jean-Paul Cesari, interpreter of the credits of sixteen cartoons from the Dorothée club, among which are the famous Nicky Larson, The Ninja Academy, Detective Conan…

famous guests

Also noteworthy, among the guests, is the presence of Gérard Surugue, the voice of Bugs Bunny, Garfield, Joe Dalton, Richard Kind and many others. That of the youtuber and video game icon Overspes and his 500,000 subscribers on YouTube, or even that of Justin The Kid, the cameraman adept at beauferie, heaviness and video montages. “Free photo and autograph if you bring him a beer“, specify the organizers. Part of the Order 62 and Yugo: League of Cosplay team will be present, including Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Dark Revan…


“Bouchain Geek” on April 30 and 1Ahem May from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the Michel Caron space of the Bouchain media library.


– One day: €3

– Two days: €4

– Free for children under 8 years old

Additional information and contest entries on Facebook page: Bouchain Geek

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