“Bubble”, the incredible animated film from the director of “Attack on Titan”

This long-awaited film by its technical team, among one of the most talented of the moment, is available from Thursday, April 28 on the streaming platform.

It is one of the events of the week: Netflix was presented this Thursday, April 28 bubblean amazing first animated film directed by Tetsurô Araki, known for his work on the series The attack of the Titans Y Death Note.

A highly anticipated film by its technical team, which brings together some of the most talented animators of the moment. Organized by WIT, a studio famous for its adaptations of The attack of the Titans Y Ranking of Kings, bubble backstage meets Takeshi Obata (Death Note) to chara-design and Hiroyuki Sawano (Promare) stop the music.

Parkour in a post-apocalyptic universe

bubble It takes place in a Tokyo isolated from the world, where a shower of bubbles has changed the law of gravity. The Japanese capital, destroyed by a series of natural disasters, has become the scene of several trials, the “Battlekour”.

In this devastated universe cut off from the world, teenagers separated from their families kill time by competing in races that take them through destroyed buildings. Very impressive scenes, where the characters fly in the middle of the bubbles.

“As for The attack of the Titanswe were very inspired by parkour, the sports discipline and its acrobatic techniques,” explained director Tetsurô Araki to 20 minutes. “We were advised by Zen Shimada, a specialist in these practices, to reproduce the movements in a rugged environment.”

Variation of “The Little Mermaid”

The characters’ daily lives are turned upside down when the talented Hibiki falls into the ocean. She is saved in extremis by Uta, a young girl with mysterious powers. Hibiki and Uta seem to have a strange bond and both hear the same song. Their meeting will change the world…

bubble is presented by Tetsurô Araki as a variation of The little Mermaid: “This story inspired me because it allowed me to paint the portrait of a melancholy young man who falls in love with an unapproachable girl, a theme that speaks to me.” But for the director, his biggest challenge “was mixing romance and action.”

Up to now accustomed to series, Tetsurô Araki hopes to make other feature films, although the pace of production is very demanding: “It requires more rigor because you have to have everything in mind from the beginning of the project, which allows for better control.” .

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