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The world of football is unanimous: the first leg of the Champions League semifinals between Manchester City and Real Madrid (4-3) ended in real luxury. A delight in attack, but what about the many defensive mistakes, on one side or the other…

City-Real, a (very) complicated game for Laporte.

this level, mistakes are paid in cash. In the history of the Champions League, this mythical phrase has been pronounced many times. And you probably wore it on Tuesday night for the amazing semi-final first leg between Manchester City and Real Madrid (4-3).

Because it is impossible to get so many goals in such a lineup without incredible defensive mistakes, pointed out by one side and the other at the Etihad Stadium…

Praise, difficult afternoon

And that from the second minute of play, when Kevin De Bruyne left Federico Valverde to open the scoring with a header, after a too easy tackle by Riyad Mahrez in the Madrid defense. The Belgian’s appeal of the ball is shown in all schools of football, but would he have had the opportunity to do it with Casemiro? The experience of the Brazilian was lacking in the meringues, although seniority does not prevent them from making mistakes, the test with David Alaba…

Winner of C1 twice, in 2013 and 2020, the Austrian – very insecure due to the crash – made a rookie mistake when trying to get ahead of Gabriel Jesus in the area. He went inside, the ball barely went through, and the Brazilian striker was quick to double down. And Alaba was again missing from the crowd in a duel with De Bruyne in the middle but, luckily for him, Mahrez forgot about his team-mates at the end of the action!

Vinicius then the hand, Laporte can blame himself

Phil Foden’s goal? Consecutive, a superb center by Fernandinho… and above all, a more than avoidable loss of the ball by Ferland Mendy down the left flank, when there was no danger. Vinicius’s? It’s hard to blame Fernandinho himself for being dribbled brilliantly. On the other hand, how to explain that Aymeric Laporte, visibly obsessed with Karim Benzema, did not come to block the Brazilian’s way? Not forgetting this hand that came out of nowhere, which resulted in KB9’s panenka.

He did a lot Too many for a Champions League semifinal. to tell the truth, there were so many mistakes that not even the sentence at the beginning of the article applies in this context: especially for Madrid, who could have taken six or seven, but City – like PSG and Chelsea in previous rounds – was not the Killer enough, even giving gifts to meringues. And it is well known, Carlo Ancelotti’s men only need crumbs to make a feast… I can’t wait for the second leg!

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