Clovis Cornillac, passing through Clermont-Ferrand, tells us about his film “It’s Magnificent!”

The day after the preview screening on Wednesday, April 27 at the Le Paris cinema in Clermont, of Is Gorgeous!, Clovis Cornillac, this Thursday, April 28, dedicated part of the morning to talk about this fourth film he is making. Accompanied by his dog Orson, he tells the story of this “benevolent” feature film, about the search for identity.

Is Gorgeous!, This is the story of Pierre, in his mid-forties, who has never left his mountains, busy keeping bees and growing hibiscus at 1,800 meters above sea level. Until his parents died suddenly. He must then discover the city, Lyon, who knows nothing about life in society. He finds out that his parents have adopted him, he goes in search of his origins. He meets Anna (Alice Pol), who will accompany him on the search for him.

The meeting with the public.

Clovis Cornillac embarked on a promotional tour. “It is extremely pleasant, gratifying. The film speaks directly to the public. There is a little thing that wakes up, a kind of respite, a moment of respite”.

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It is a film about benevolence. I only hope that the public has a notion of pleasure.

film references

We think of Amélie Poulain, but also, adds the director, “in Forrest Gump, Tim Burton, Jacques Tati. as the character of My uncle, Pierre is very childish. I’m not trying to reproduce anything; It is the public that gives me the keys to what they put into this type of film”.

a piece of fantasy

As the story progresses, Pierre, with each emotion, loses color. “There’s a poetic dimension. When the tree falls on Pierre’s parents, his eyes turn blue. Pierre to his parents because a tree is uprooted. I think Pierre is a superhero. It’s ‘wonderful.’ someone like that to him.”

In the cinema, the fantastic is very beautiful when it has a basis. I am as naive as Pierre; I have this sincere and absolute ingenuity of telling myself that I’m making it up.

The absurdity of society

Pierre does not exist in the eyes of society; he has no paper; He only has a check for a large sum with which he thinks he can buy raisin bread at the bakery! “It’s the absurdity of the world we live in. Who is the crazier of the two, at first?”

Aren’t our codes absurd?
on a certain moment?

The city of Lyon, as a character in the film

“I’m from Lyon. I wanted to film this city with the prism it had, a bit like Jean-Pierre Jeunet filmed Montmartre in The Fabulous Fate of Amélie Poulain. It is also an idealized Lyon for those who do not know it.”

Clovis Cornillac’s next movie

I realized fire colors, based on a novel by Pierre Lemaître. It will premiere on November 9″. A great historical fresco, in particular with Léa Drucker, Benoît Poelvoorde, Olivier Gourmet, Fanny Ardant, “and me”.

It’s magnificent! to the movies

The film will hit theaters on June 1.

premium Behind the scenes of the Folies fermières, shot in Cantal

Veronique Lacoste-Mettey


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