Culture, lever of attraction for the metropolis of Amiens

“I knew that the Amiens Regional Fund for Contemporary Art was particularly rich and I knew Pascal Neveux. When he took over the leadership of this institution, it seemed natural for us to do something together”smiles Christine Phal, creator of Drawing Now Art Fair, the first contemporary art fair dedicated to drawing in Europe.

Therefore, in 2021, the two structures will form an association. It is in this context that the exhibition was imagined. hyperdrawing which took shape in Paris at the Carreau du Temple and in Amiens at the Frac and the Maison de la culture.

The Musée de Picardie has also joined the initiative by offering statue models Y Thanks for bothering! High-flying events labeled “Spring of Drawing”, complementary to Draw Now.

A unique opportunity to encourage Amiens and Parisians to discover or rediscover these cultural sites. “These events are the result of collective dynamics and collaborative work. We wanted to reaffirm Amiens’ position in terms of design. We also wanted to encourage visitors to move from one place to another”summarizes Pascal Neveux, Director of the Frac.

Installation by Katrin Ströbel in the Frac. ©Aletheia Press/D. the phung

Create the event

Long considered a minor art, drawing today arouses real enthusiasm. “Now it is imposing itself on the contemporary scene, the public goes more easily towards drawing”, confirms Pascal Neveux, who made the opening of the Frac the only regional collection of contemporary art in France specializing in this discipline. This involves, in particular, the loan of certain works to the “exhibition” part of Drawing Now.

Other artists such as Emmanuel Béranger, Stéphanie Mansy, Klaus Rinke, Vassiliki Tsekoura, Boryana Petkova and Katrin Ströbel have taken over the Frac and the Maison de la culture.

“It is also a way of getting closer to Paris, of creating a long-distance dialogue between these two cities.analyzes Laurent Dréano, director of the Maison de la culture before continuing: This is part of a particular context: Amiens is working on the emergence of an image center of excellence and aspires to become the European Capital of Culture. This cultural dynamic is also interesting for the economic world. »

Contemporary ceramics at the Musée de Picardie. ©Aletheia Press/D. the phung

Renew offer

This dialogue between the two cities took shape under the leadership of Joana PR Neves, artistic director of Drawing Now Art Fair and curator of the exhibition. hyperdrawing. With the desire to take design out of its usual environment, he co-constructs with the invited artists a different set design where the works take over the spaces, assuming a “performative”.

At the Musée de Picardie, exploring the world of drawing takes on another form, first with statue modelsfruit of the joint work with the UFR des Arts and the School of Art and Design (Esad) of Amiens.

“We started with the work of two students around the plaster casts of the old School of Fine Arts in Amiens. They served as learning in drawing and bear witness to the different aesthetic codes that have gone through the ages.explains Maya Derrien, curator of the exhibition. Thanks for bothering! For its part, a mixture of contemporary ceramics lent by the Piscine de Roubaix to the archaeological remains of the Museum.

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