David Harnois plays the horn at the Sully Music Festival

David Harnois has been one of the musicians at the Orchester symphonique d’Orléans for six years and a professor at the conservatory. His instrument: the French horn. He will perform, with four soloists from the Orléans Symphony Orchestra and a pianist, on Thursday, June 23, at 8:30 p.m., in Saint-Denis-en Val. They will listen to works by Mahler, Brahms and Schubert. We met this passionate musician who is quick to marvel.

During this concert, in theChurch of Saint-Denis-en-Val, six soloists will occur, including David Harnoisto hell, and Jean Philippe Bardon, to the viola, that we met. There will also be David Haroutunianon the violin, Yska Benzakouncello, Thierry Leufor double bass, from the Orchester symphonique d’Orléans, and maroussia people, at the piano, and guests for the occasion. A beautiful night in perspective!

At what age did you start in music?

From seven to eleven yearsI was playing trumpet. I was part of theHarmony of Mareau-aux-Prés. My brother was also a trumpeter there. Since he was chatting too much with a friend, they offered me blow the horn. In the end it was fine because it was my own instrument. I was no longer confused with my eldest son. My father, who played the tuba, was very active in the marching band. We were five brothers who all played an instrument. Today, of the five, we are three professionals.

Your first scene?

we were one family of musicians so we spent some afternoons making music. Let’s play also during family celebrationsin front of uncles, aunts, grandparents… For me, those were my best scenes! Being in contact with music, playing for others. we are having great success.

Now as a teacher I ask parents to organize concerts with their children in front of a family or friendly audience. The audience sits and listens. Gives teens confidence.to whom we give the word in music. it will benefit them later, when applying for a job. It is a very important part of education.

My first real scene was in high school.. She wasn’t in the conservatory yet. I was with my two older brothers : one to flute and the other in the trumpet and meat tambourine. This first contact with the room remains a good memory : we had our photo in the newspaper! And, twenty years later, we started the same thing again!

Your favorite musician?

my favorite musician is Maurice Bourgue. he impresses me. It is very pedagogical, as well as very rigorous Y requiring. He also has a strong character. the oboe is a tool very difficult. However, he worked so hard that he managed to overcome his weakening due to his age (82 years old) thatis still playing. This is exceptional! I admire him because his life everything is dedicated to music. I met him at the Paris conservatory and gave concerts with him.

What is your favorite room?

The Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein. I saw her every year on TV for the New Year’s concert.. i played it during a tour, a Mahler symphony. It was magical, incredible!

Y in Germany, all rooms are of very good quality. These are beautiful places, I have great memories there. as a musician, we fear the public because it is an informed public, more than anywhere else. There, the music is livelier than in any other country. Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt are amazing places! In these mythical rooms, the past transports us: Extraordinary musicians have played there and incredible moments and concerts have taken place!

Do you have something to add?

I have been a Loiretain for forty-six years, but This is my first time playing at the Sully and Loiret Music Festival! I am very very excited! It will be amazing and wonderful for share the stage with great artistslike Maroussia Gentet, who won the Orleans Piano Competition in 2018. We’ll be rehearsing earlier.

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