Dordogne. An association to promote culture in Trémolat

The association exists since 2017 and has more than 250 members. (©BR / Successful Périgord)

It was in 2017 that the La Cerise sous le chapeau association was born. ” I worked in Paris, in editing, introduces Joëlle Mayer, the president. On Robert Laffont, to be exact. I was commercial, so I had a lot of contact with the authors. »

Arriving in Périgord, in Trémolat, he had the idea of ​​creating a cultural association. ” I was very well received, smiles Joëlle. So he asked me what he could do to contribute to the community. »

Thus the “Cerise” was born. Its objective ? ” Bring people to talk about a specific topic, explains the president. Culture is not concentrated in Paris. And then, by offering them two or three days in Périgord, it is easy to convince them. »

It works in collaboration with the Vieux Logis hotel, which hosts the speakers. Among them, big names. We think of Daniel Herrero, a former rugby player, at the time of the great Toulon, and today a radio consultant. But also Jean Glavany, to name just a few.

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But, instead of being a simple support to the speakers, the association offers a real exchange with the public. ” After the conference, there is the cup of friendship, the president smiled. Then, for those who wish, we eat at the Café Village. And there, the diner at La Cerise changes tables with each course, allowing him to chat with everyone. »

With approximately 250 members, the Trémolacoise association shines enough that people come from Bergerac, Périgueux or even further afield to attend the conferences. These take place in the Grenier room, made available by the town hall.

Culture is accessible to all, Joelle assures. Just be curious. “After a complicated year due to Covid, the Cherry is back in service. On Friday, May 6, Nicolás Buenaventura, Colombian director and narrator, will be present.

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Almost hyperactive, Joëlle Mayer is already thinking about what’s next. ” I’m trying to get in touch with Florence Aubenas. “, she confesses. We can bet she’ll get him to cum.

Text and photo: Boris Rebeyrotte

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