Houston, city of danger, dreams and music in an impressive documentary

Frenchman Nicolas Peduzzi makes his second documentary on the United States, after southern belle (2018) about the daughter of the largest oil operator in Texas. ghost song, which hits theaters on Wednesday, April 27, returns to Houston, still in Texas, former NASA headquarters during the Conquest of Space. The city has lost its shine: drugs, gangs and violence dominate the streets. An escape: rap.

In Houston, Texas, three young adults who are homeless or disowned children live by their wits. Alexandra, dixit OMB Bloodbath, ex-gang leader rapper Will and Nate, out of prohibition, watch their town go down the drain, as a hurricane approaches that could very well wipe it all out.

From the close-up, in a car on a boulevard, a lewd rap is playing on the radio. “That’s the real Houston sound“Says Nate. The police cars are at the crossroads: credits. Cut. The road passes, at night, the beginning of a walk through Houston to meet a transgressive ecosystem, in which three young inhabitants struggle to find their way , his voice

The social merges with feelings, both of love and of the city. urban movie, ghost song could have been called dead city. It is because he sees the ghost town that Houston has become through its sound, its music, that the film bears this beautiful title. Town of song, ghost town, sound town, word and music. All rap.

at the climax of ghost song, WBO Bloodbath, born Alexandra Nicks. She coming from the gangs, converted to rap, she chants the inventory, with a smile on her face, waiting for the hurricane that will cleanse Houston. Alexandra, Will and Nate know where they are and the city too. The wind is on your side, with redemption, a major theme of American cinema. It is surprising how many French documentarians capture the United States in three notable recent films: Jean-Baptiste Thoret (we screwed it up, Michael Cimino: An American Mirage), Francois Busnel (Only the earth is eternal) and Nicolas Peduzzi with ghost song. They all approach with tact, art and talent, in very different ways, a multifaceted subject that fascinates France.

Gender : Documentary film
director : Nicholas Peduzzi
Country : France
Duration : 1h22
Exit : April 27, 2022
Distributor : the alchemists

Synopsis : Houston Texas. Alexandra, Will and Nate struggle to survive in a city that devours people, like dreams. Former gang boss or disowned rich kids, each faces their demons as a hurricane approaches. “Ghost Song” is the promise of a new impulse of life, between music, hallucinations and hopes of redemption.

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