How to resume a normal life after 2189 days of captivity?

Anne-So “Echos de Mots”, youth literary blogger and book group contributor 20 minutes Books I recommend Leonia by Marlène Charine, published on March 23, 2022 by Éditions Calmann Levy Noir.

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From what you have read on the internet, it is called hut syndrome or snail syndrome. Anxiety to get out of a place of confinement that has become a cocoon over time. Something ironic. Leo hates this house and everything it stands for, but he can’t part with it.

Why this book?

  • Because Léonie has been a young woman who has been held captive for six years, kidnapped at a party by a man named Raymond. When the latter collapses after a heart attack, the heroine finally has a chance to regain her freedom… Unfortunately, things become more difficult for the one who had dreamed of this moment for six long years and will find herself unable. to face the outside world, the corpse of his captor in his arms.
  • Because in this raw, immersive and surprising choral novel, the reader will also discover Diane and her brother Loïc. The latter, a former police officer, was the victim of a paragliding accident six years earlier and now finds himself a prisoner of a body that no longer really responds to him and is unable to speak. Her older sister, Diane, puts all her energy into taking care of him and is willing to do anything to make him happy.
  • Because the bond between Léonie and Loïc seems at first glance to be summed up because Loïc and his team should have investigated the young woman’s disappearance six years earlier had it not been for her paragliding accident that same day. Then, a body is found in the forest of King Nine, strangely mutilated by a wild beast, and as the plot unfolds, we discover the unexpected impact their lives will have on each other. .
  • Because once immersed in this shocking novel by Marlène Charine, it is very difficult to put it down as the plot is interesting and the characters endearing. Above all, you won’t be immune to the dizzying plot twists that will make this book a mesmerizing read. The author moves away from the clichés that could be expected in a novel of this type and offers us a gallery of realistic characters with tempting paths.

The essentials in 2 minutes

the plot Léonie, held captive for six years, has a chance to regain her freedom when her captor dies. In the end, this freedom that she longed for so much is disconcerting because it is very difficult for the woman to leave this house that has held her prisoner for so long.

Characters. Léonie is a young woman who at first glance you might think is broken, but turns out to be full of courage and rage. Diane is a woman devoted to her brother and who seems to hide a very repressed past. Loïc is a character with a sharp mind and humor trapped in a body that no longer responds to him.

locations. The novel could take place in France or a French-speaking country (probably Switzerland, where the author is from), although no location is clearly mentioned.

Time. The story begins after 2189 days of captivity, that is, five years, eleven months and twenty-nine days.

The author. Marlène Charine is a Swiss author specializing in thrillers and SFFF (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Fantasy).

This book was read with pleasure of Anne-So Echos de Mots, blogger specializing in children’s and youth literature. “For me, reading can be both a personal pleasure that you run for shelter and an excuse to discuss and meet other readers. I am a lover of words always interested in new discoveries. »

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