IN IMAGES, IN PHOTOS. In Brest, Le Comoedia takes street art out of clichés

Second exhibition sale proposed by the Brest gallery, 120 works by local, national and international artists accumulate on the walls of an exhibition dedicated to street art. Conferences, private visits and workshops for schoolchildren are also scheduled until July 23, 2022.

19 artists and 120 works

These are 19 artists honored by the gallery Le Comoedia, from Brest (Finistère), to dust off the ideas received about street art.

Let’s say eight skateboard decks illustrated by nine artists are for sale on Comoedia. Street sport is inseparable from urban culture. | WEST OF FRANCE

Incipient or recognized in the art world, names from various horizons are mixed in a large exhibition, where the works sweep away many clichés about urban art. Uncompromising graphics, consummate techniques, the gallery showcases accomplished artists, old masters of street art.

Dominating the scenery, 18 skateboard decks were created and illustrated especially for the Comoedia by 9 artists. Next, works by Miss Tic, CyKlop, L’Atlas and Xkuz join those of local artists. We find in particular Pakone and his Japanese cherry trees, as ephemeral as the walls he paints them on.

An emblematic figure of street art in Brest, Royalti exhibits his photographs embedded in lacerated posters. The South Finistère, L’Outsider, which exhibits in Paris, Geneva or Berlin, stops in Brest, with its absorbing universe, created from its first inspirations.

Pakone is known for its Japanese Sakura, which colors the gray walls of the city. | WEST OF FRANCE

Tom Geleb, after November 11

For his part, Tom Geleb presents “Teva”, a character full of love, with a Tahitian name, which his mother, of Tahitian origin, would have liked to give him, a semantic mix between “great traveler” and “rain”. “.

The artist Tom Geleb is from Brest. He breathes love through Teva, the character he created after the Paris attacks. | WEST OF FRANCE

Freed from his heart after the November 11 attacks in Paris, the native of Brest splashed it on the walls of the capital. “I was 100 meters from the attacks when it happened. Two days later, it is this character that I managed to draw. », he says. Today, Teva rides on walls, her hearts escaping from an eye, a hand or a lip. “I needed to spread love. »

Every Wednesday, schoolchildren will be invited to immerse themselves in street art around two workshops. | WEST OF FRANCE

Until July 23, 2022. Exhibition “Street Art” at the Galerie Le Comoedia, 35, rue du Château in Brest.

IN IMAGES, IN PHOTOS. In Brest, Le Comoedia takes street art out of clichés

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