Killing Eve: the author of the books unhappy with the end of the series

After four seasons, the last episode of “Killing Eve” aired on April 10. A final chapter that disappointed some fans, and even the author of the novels that inspired the series.

Spoiler alert! At the end of this last season of the brilliant series (to be seen and reviewed in its entirety on MyCanal), the psychopathic murderer Villanelle infiltrates a boat to eliminate the members of the fearsome criminal organization of the Twelve, who have conditioned her to become and stay. she forever a hit man in her pay. At the same time, Eve (the former MI-5 agent who pursued her before succumbing to her charm) creates a diversion from a wedding ceremony staged on this very ship.

They meet then on the bridge where, for a moment, everything indicates that they could continue living a happy love story. But as they hug, Villanelle takes a bullet from a sniper. The two women then jump into the Thames to avoid being hit again. But the bullets keep flying and Villanelle is mortally wounded this time.

“A truly subversive story would have challenged the truism that same-sex lovers on TV shows are only allowed the most fleeting relationships,” said Luke Jennings, author of the books that inspired the series. “Wouldn’t it have been more darkly satisfying and true to Killing Eve, for this couple to go off into the sunset together? That’s how I envisioned it when I was writing my books,” he added, lamenting that season 4 showrunner Laura Neal and the screenwriters “will bow to convention”.

Give meaning to the title of the series.

Interrogated by TVLine, Laura Neal at donné son point de vue sur ce choix: «On a moment I evoked the idea of ​​faire a happy end, more on n’a jamais réellement réussi à les imaginer comme ça», at -her said. “We couldn’t imagine a world where Eve and Villanelle lived in some sort of domestic bliss. We came to the conclusion that they were destined for something more explosive. And that’s what’s happening,” she continued.

Another option had been studied, more in keeping with the title of the series, namely, “Killing Eve” (“Killing Eve”, in English), he confesses. “We discussed Eve’s death and Villanelle’s survival. It just didn’t seem authentic. We wanted this rebirth for Eve, for her to be allowed to move on and forge a new life, after all that Villanelle put her through. And it seemed to us that the story of Villanelle ends like this. She is someone who wrought her death and her destruction. She likes him and we see it when she kills the Twelve. It is her place, it is hers to whom it belongs. In my head, it’s a happy ending for Villanelle, in a way, because she gets what she wants, which is to prove that she did this for Eve, allowing her to live her life. It’s a huge thing for Villanelle and I think she ends up triumphant.”

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