Le Virage wants to give back its place to contemporary art in Quimper – Quimper

They are eight young artists from the EESAB art school

Quimper, graduates or still studying. Eight young people who fight to support, spread and make visible contemporary artistic creation in Quimper. It is with this objective that they created, in 2019, the association Le Virage. An initiative that unfortunately did not take place in the best circumstances… “We wanted to show that things are happening in Quimper! But the pandemic has suddenly slowed everything down. Our projects failed”, says Camille Girard, president of the association. April 2022, the pandemic is almost behind us and Le Virage is back in service.

Exhibition event at the Artem gallery this Friday

After a first small event in December 2021, an opening concert at the art school, this time the young association throws itself into the background! Le Virage has chosen to highlight the work of Alexandre Nicolle, originally from Rouen, from this Friday, April 29, at 6:00 p.m., and until May 14, at the Artem gallery, in Quimper. “We learned about his work through Instagram (Instagram account: nicolle.alecs) and we all appreciate it! So we wanted to bring the Quimpérois into their universe. For this exhibition, we gave him carte blanche! Camille Girard says.

The students were forced to organize exhibitions at home!

The closure of the Quartier: “A real trauma”

An exhibition that was not easy to mount. “In the beginning, we just wanted to create art events. But then the city council advised us to create an association to be able to claim aid and subsidies. So the difficulty was finding an exhibition space,” says Paul Brunet, a member of Le Virage. “Before, there was the Le Quartier contemporary art center,” he adds. “Its closure in 2016 was a real trauma,” recalls the forties. A decision linked to a “budgetary option”, proposed at the time by the municipal majority of Ludovic Jolivet, despite the mobilization of the inhabitants of Quimper. “Students were forced to organize exhibitions at home! » are still excited for the members of Le Virage.

The young artists of Quimper want to show their work and that of others!

Launch of a call for a room

After this exhibition at the Artem gallery, these nice young artists have no intention of stopping there! “We are going to organize a third event. We are going to invite, on May 21 and 22, in Quimper, Jauli Coco, passed through the Brest art school. It will be a performance that will take place on the François-Mitterrand esplanade, around an ephemeral hair salon”, adds Camille Girard. With a head full of ideas, the association would like to have a room and took the opportunity to launch an appeal. “The young artists of Quimper want to show their work and that of others! “, inserts the president of the association.

* EESAB: The European School of Art of Brittany in Quimper offers higher education in art from Bac + 3 to Bac + 5 level, formerly called Quimper School of Fine Arts.


Exhibition “Even in the mountains the sand returns” by Alexandre Nicolle, from April 30 to May 14, Wednesday to Saturday from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and by appointment. Meeting with the artist on Saturday, April 30 at 4 p.m., at the Artem gallery, 16 rue Sainte-Catherine in Quimper.

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