monumental art under the theme of natural art and land’art to discover in the park of the mill of Ar millin and in the streets of Chateaubourg

Thanks to a group of business sponsors, the open-air exhibition “Jardin des Arts” has made it possible for 20 years to present the monumental works of 130 artists and nearly 300 pieces by local and international creators free of charge to the public. This year, the city, called “City of Sculptors” and the Armilin Park have chosen the theme of natural art and land’art to select their guests.

At the end of April, walking through the park of Ar Millin, near the mill of the same name, in the heart of the city of Chateaubourg, not far from Rennes, the atmosphere is one of tranquility and discovery. Thus, winding through the park, it is a work, made of poplar slats, flexible, that seems to sing with the wind and the gentle swaying of the trees and dialogue with nature. A sculptural installation created by artist Rainer Gross. Enigmatic black line that emerges from the water, the earth, walking through the trees. The structure traverses the space, like a passing flow.

Rainer Gross explains: “My flow-type installations are about the passage of time and its flight. Here I was fascinated by the river that surrounds the park. It gave me the idea to take advantage of it and make the flow come out of the river and cross the park and make it disappear back into the river.”

These works were imagined by their authors, in situ, as part of artist residencies. This year’s theme, “Natural Art” and that’s good…nature is THE source of inspiration for Véronique Matteudi. She gives us a scenography around the dream, made of an intertwining of wild clematis on a structure of steel rods. Invitation to dream of a better world, more in tune with this environment that surrounds us!


This creation appeared during the 1st confinement when everything was paralyzed, very calm, with a palpable silence, even in nature. It was a dream that appeared at that time with a change of paradigm and society where we could project ourselves into something different.

Veronique Matteudi, sculptor

The works of internationally renowned artists such as the British and Landerista Chris Drury are mixed with the creations led by a young generation. Illustration with the Rennais of the FEZI workshop (Handmade in Gallo) Young architects who campaign for ecological and local materials. In this case, mud bricks. Bricks that form amazing totem poles…authentic nests for chickadees.

it was important to us that this work also has a function and that we can talk about emotion, contemplation and bring an experience to life and create a habitat not for people but for birds.

Meven Delaunay, architect and designer, FEZI workshop

All these facilities can be discovered from Sunday to September 15.

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