Pamiers. Classical music: makes way for the new generation of the Gabriel-Fauré festival

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In about ten days, the Gabriel-Fauré festival starts. In order to perpetuate the legacy of the famous Apamean composer, the city council has decided to convene various aesthetics, without forgetting to seduce young people.

Drum roll for this great comeback. Even if the Orchester du Capitole had filled up last fall for a single concert, the Gabriel-Fauré festival had been inactive for two years. From now on, it will take place in the spring. And it is the town hall that is on the plates. After more than 25 years of good and loyal service, the Musiques au pays de Gabriel-Fauré association has officially passed the torch to the community. Just to renew this event that makes Pamiers the capital of classical music every year. Thus, from May 8 to 14 inclusive, a revised program will be offered to the public, always in close collaboration with Jean Dardigna, president of the association.

A love story forever

“It’s just a facelift! We are not going to radically change what has worked for 25 years. Above all, we want the festival to attract a renewed audience of young people. Our challenge is to promote access to classical music for an unconquered audience to the cause through a new image, expanded programming and ultra-attractive prices. We are very proud that Jean Dardigna has entrusted us with the torch. If there are two projects that are particularly close to the heart of Frédérique Thiennot and Jean- Luc Lupiéri, is the Carmel and the Gabriel-Fauré party”, releases Sébastien González, director of cultural affairs (DAC). A man who has already suffered some criticism for the new baptismal name of the operation: “Gabriel Fauré, forever.” “It’s a play on words to anchor it in the future of Pamiers alluding to a love story. In fact, it’s a real statement!” The policy is done.

On the programming side, the dance will be inaugurated on May 8, in the Carmel cloister, by the Foucheneret brothers, presented as “prodigies” who embody the next generation of the genre. Wednesday, May 11, place of initiation for schoolchildren and children in general with four performances of “Pavane”, a puppet show that evokes a love story between the pianist Gabriel and Amaïa, the singer. And it’s free! On Thursday, May 12, it is the immense pianist Philippe Cassard who will resonate with Debussy, Schubert and, of course, Fauré at the Jeu-du-Mail.

Friday May 13, place for Sandra Nkaké in the Jeu-du-Mail. This singer crowned with a Victoire de la Musique immediately accepted the invitation from the town hall. Together with Étienne Daho, Philippe Katerine Jeanne added, this Frenchwoman of Cameroonian origin was part of Baum, an artistic collective that reviewed the composer’s work. So she sings in Pamiers, how to say it? “It is wonderful to see that Gabriel Fauré is a modern composer and an illustrious figure in Appamean life. Everyone wants to be part of the perspectives that are drawn around his heritage,” underlines Sébastien Gonzalez, who was particularly proud to hear ” L’Élégie on the ice rink at the Beijing Olympic Games “The idea is to also show that alongside classical music there are various aesthetics that gravitate”, continues the DAC.

The public will be attended with Jean-Paul Raffit and “The OCH leaves in Fauré”. Electric guitar, electro sounds and improvisation are on the program for May 14 but “without ever betraying Fauré”, warns the consistory. We also do not forget the premises of the stage with the group Les Voix d’Apamée that will perform for free on Saturday May 14, at 5 pm, in the church of Notre-Dame-du-Camp.

More information and reservations: 05 61 67 52 52 or on the

The most Appamean of the Fuxeans

Jean-Philippe Collard, Renaud Capuçon and even Luc Ferry. Impossible to transcribe the litany of great names in classical music and the world of culture who paraded in Pamiers for more than 25 years. Everyone, or almost everyone, thinks that it all started in Rue Major where Gabriel Fauré was born on May 12, 1845. But in reality the branch of Fauré from which the composer came settled in Varilhes from the 15th century. As a child, Gabriel Fauré quickly left Pamiers for Foix where he continued his training. Furthermore, in a letter addressed in 1906 to his wife, Marie Frémet, the musician evokes a “ringing of bells in Montgauzy which, in the afternoon, came from Cadirac”. He then heads to Paris to complete the studies that will lead him to develop his talent. But the prodigy never forgot his ties to Ariège, in particular his cousins ​​who stayed behind in Pamiers.

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