Soccer – Ligue 1. Stade de Reims handled the art of the opposite foot for Yunis Abdelhamid’s extra time

Yunis Abdelhamid, as announced, is already linked to the Stade de Reims until June 2024. The essential Atletico captain, a pillar of the stadium’s defense since his arrival at the Marne at the start of the 2017-2018 season, will spend so much opens a new page in his history of Reims. A happy ending for many fans, who really freaked out this Friday, April 28.

It wasn’t an April Fools’ Day joke, but it felt like one. The initial information, published around 5:00 p.m., logically scared the fans of the Stade de Reims. Yunis Abdelhamid, whose contract extension had been reported by many media, including in our columns at the beginning of last week, was nothing more than a mirage. But the article published on the official website of the Reims club and shared by Speed ​​Big V on social networks before being deleted caused a sensation, causing many reactions of outrage. Some expecting a joke, others expressing dismay or even anger.

This was part of the communication plan.

Making noise was the objective that the Stade de Reims were looking for, just to put a little uncertainty around the expected resignation of their captain. This was all part of a communication plan that culminated in the publication, about an hour and a half after the article was finally removed, of a video with the words “Thank You Yunis.”

For about fifty seconds, we see the Moroccan international say goodbye, before finding himself in front of President Jean-Pierre Caillot. The latter, who has already requested the last extension of his defender’s contract with a part of Uno, first pouted before taking a “Change of direction” card from his jacket, drawn from the famous game. The video then took a more light-hearted turn. then announcing the continuation of the joint adventure with Yunis Abdelhamid, who will play his 180th match against Stade de Reims this Sunday, May 1, in Lorient (3pm). Incredible jump, change of situation or hard hit, you will quickly reach the 200 mark, and much better!


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