The 7th art succumbs to NFTs to finance itself

A would-be animated blockbuster is seeking funding through the sale of digital stuffed animals, and the entire film industry is sniffing out the good stuff.

NFTs are interfering in more and more parts of the economy, mainly entertainment and art. These non-fungible tokens that act as certificate of authenticity and ownership of a digital work – whose usefulness other than speculative is regularly questioned – are used everywhere. Last sector affected, the 7th art. The adorable stuffed animals from a possible next animated blockbuster in which two French animation studios, Rooftop Production and Karlab are currently working, are thus transformed into 50,000 digital “works of art” that can be purchased. These two studios are notably behind the charts of “Comme des Bêtes” and “Me, Ugly and Bad”. Beautiful references that are supposed to encourage future investors to trust.

For the creators of the film, the objective is to finance their work before the work is released and for investors to bet on the future income of the film from holders of these NFTs will share 80% of the film’s revenue. On sale at 1,250 euros each, they give their holders the right to vote to decide the setting for the film. But the interest of investors is elsewhere. According to a fairly basic calculation by the instigators, it would be a guaranteed winning bet: “Given that the average box office gross for major animated films is $700 million, every purchaser of an NFT PLUSH should, at a minimum, see their bet multiplied by three .” However, nothing less safe. It is also likely that the film will not have the expected income and that nobody wants to buy these virtual stuffed animals whose decorum prevents us from commenting on the good taste of their appearance.

Gims and Kev Adams in promo

To stir the sauce and attract investors, Several big names have already been announced to do the French voiceovers. We hope that Kev Adams and Gims, who are very active in promoting the sale of NFTs, will receive some virtual stuffed animals for their good and loyal service in addition to their classic prestige. These stuffed animals are no exception, Martin Scorsese has already indicated that he will finance his next film “A Wing and a Prayer” in the same way. If their relevance is not proven, NFTs may make good movies.

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