Zod, the great villain of Man of Steel, will be fine in the movie

The villain of the movie iron ManGeneral Zod played by Michael Shannon, will make his return in The flash.

After a true production nightmare, Warner’s next DCEU movie should finally hit theaters around the world in 2023. As a reminder, production on the film has been underway since October 2014, but has seen several directors and screenwriters succeed each other at the helm. before finishing edited by Andy Muschietti and Christina Hodson respectively.

But as if things were still too simple, Flash’s first on-screen performer, Ezra Miller, was recently arrested by Hawaiian police. Suffice it to say that, like that of Fantastic Beasts 3Promotion The flash it is likely to be particularly messy. However, in this bunch of topics, there are some more interesting and intriguing news surrounding the movie, such as the confirmed return of Michael Shannon in the DCEU.

The return of the villain Zod

In fact, new images of The flash were unveiled during CinemaCon in Las Vegas, revealing the presence of the DCEU’s General Zod in the Andy Muschietti-directed film. A surprising comeback, to say the least, as The guy is supposed to be dead in the first Superman movie. of the DC/Warner franchise, iron Mandirected by Zack Snyder.

However, remember that Muschietti’s blockbuster will have fun with the different existing DC universes on the small and big screen, and we will probably introduce new ones. The door is then open to many returns, playing with the temporalities and intertextualities of the universes. Let’s see if this good Zod will come from the past of iron Manif it landed in the series supergirl or movie bat Man with Michael Keaton – two universes that will return in this The flash.

Flash: photo, Ezra MillerBeautiful people in this The Flash

The future will tell. Note, however, that the presence of this beloved Michael Shannon in any production is always good news in itself, especially after an impeccable interpretation of the character in Zack Snyder’s feature film. Let’s remember that The flash It will also be the opportunity to find Ben Affleck for his last appearance as Batman in the DCEU. A film that should therefore clean up Warner’s superheroic universe, let’s hope for the best…

The flash will come out (normally) June 21, 2023 in French cinemas.


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