A collective work created by students.

THETFORD. Some 300 students from St-Patrick Primary School and AS Johnson Secondary School in Thetford Mines participated this week in creating a collective work with internationally renowned artist Marc Walter.

The latter specializes in the design of grandiose sculptures, in public spaces or outdoors, using materials from nature such as tree branches.

“We wanted to welcome the artists this year. When we consulted Mr. Walter’s file, he spoke to us. He is part of a program called Artists Inspire and in which we could be entitled to a scholarship to bring him,” said visual arts teacher Mélanie Gagnon.


What he finds interesting in his work is the fact that there is no pre-established final format. “There is a pattern, but with the participation of the students, the work produced was destined to evolve. It was also important for us to be able to include all young people, regardless of their age. »

In addition, this artistic approach was a perfect fit for the school and backyard renovation project. “We decided to focus on nature. In our approach, everything is made of wood. We thought it might fit well. We are happy to see that the students got involved and that they were happy to participate,” said Ms. Gagnon.

The creation of the work began on Monday, April 25, and continued throughout the week.

A little more about the artist.

Marc Walter has been designing works in nature since 2004 using what is at hand. In recent years he has specialized in the use of recycled branches.

“I was lucky to have been selected all over Canada and in different countries around the world, so what I like when I work with young people is that they allow me to keep a certain freshness in my approach, as well as share with them my passion, my experience and the techniques that I have developed over the years. »

This past week with them, therefore, led to the creation of a work larger than life and where there was sharing, listening and patience with others. “The students were able to experience all the stages of creation. As part of the project, they made an animal that determines itself based on its own perception. Some see it as a dragon and others as a bee. It depends on your imagination. »

Finally, Mr. Walter says that he enjoyed his time at Thetford Mines. “I want to highlight the participation of the students, but also that of the teaching staff. They were very flexible and participatory. It was really a pleasure to work here”, he concluded.

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