a movie, a day, eleven cities… a whole web series over the years

To accompany her film “1920s”, released on April 27, Elisabeth Vogler has imagined a series of the same name. Its eleven chapters, shot in sequence shots and edited each day in a different city, aim to revitalize the distribution of auteur cinema.

Along the cobbled streets framed by recognizable red bricks, in the heart of the Carmes neighborhood in Toulouse, a group of friends, with colored wigs and sequined crowns, walks under a fine rain. Surrounded by her high school classmates and Blanche, who had come all the way from Paris for the event, Daphne celebrated her bachelorette party. In a rhythmic sequence shot with a seemingly light tone, the five friends realize that time and distance have altered their character and their relationships.

On Wednesday, April 13, viewers of the ABC cinema in Toulouse discovered a preview of this short film shot in their city on the same day, edited, mixed and set to music in record time. For eleven days, Elisabeth Vogler (pseudonym taken from Ingmar Bergman’s heroine in persons), surrounded by a team of fifteen people, traveled to eleven cities to produce the eleven episodes of a groundbreaking web series now available online: 20s. “All the episodes were written in advance, rehearsed once on location, and shot in about an hour and a half,” Elisabeth Vogler explains.

This ambitious tour of France, from Nantes to Strasbourg, via Dijon and Marseille, accompanies the premiere of the feature film also called 20s, released in theaters on April 27. Also shot in a sequence shot in Paris, over 6 kilometers, on foot, by metro or by bicycle, the hour and a half film explores youth after the first confinement, through a dozen colorful sketches.

The eleven uneven but exciting episodes of the spin-off web series explore certain characters from the film more intimately. Daphne before her marriage, a young Bellevillois in full date in Nantes, actor in physical preparation in La Rochelle… “After the presidential elections, the series shows another face of France. We want to talk about our dreams, our future to save and the way we manage the fact of being alive in such a complicated period”, promised trailer for the project.

If not all of the device’s ambitions are achieved, its innovative character is intriguing. ” We realize that auteur cinema is becoming disconnected from young people aged 15-30 who have other ways of consuming content. Doing a web series was a way to make the film more accessible, more tangible. Elisabeth Vogler explains. With this second project partly dependent on crowdfunding, the group of filmmakers that is already at the origin of Paris is ours, shot in a capital after the 2015 attacks, without authorization, and finally broadcast by Netflix, hopes to shake the codes of creation. ” We want to change the ways of doing things because we believe that French cinema is a playground, an unattainable glass bubble, ruined by ignoring certain creatives. »

Hoping to revolutionize cinema, 20s more moderately it breathes a breath of fresh air and inventiveness in its distribution.

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what 20sweb series created by Élisabeth Vogler, 11 x 10 min, available on YouTube.

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