A tutoring service at Culture Lanaudière

Culture Lanaudière launches a new cultural mentoring program.

Inspired by the one created by CALQ and the Carmelle and Rémi-Marcoux Chair in Arts Management at HEC Montréal, this program aims to offer artists, cultural workers and managers in the arts and culture sector the possibility of benefiting from a transfer. of experience thanks to the accompaniment of a mentor.

The main objective of this innovation is to highlight the exceptional experience enjoyed by its artistic and cultural community to support other members of its ecosystem. This method, widely used in the business world, can be carried out very easily in the cultural world and can bring many benefits to people interested in the mentoring program.

Eligible mentors generally work in the artistic and cultural environment, either in the direction of their career or in the management of an organization or company.

They typically have 10+ years of experience and have time to devote to a mentoring relationship.

People of all ages who wish to be mentored are professional artists or in the process of professionalization or work or manage a cultural organization.

They are generally less professionally experienced and not necessarily college educated, but also want to spend time in a rewarding mentoring relationship.

This opportunity aims to create professional relationships that, on the one hand, highlight the mentoring experience and, on the other hand, become an invaluable resource in a career that can be weakened, especially after a period of pandemic as we have seen in the last two. years.

Individuals wishing to register can do so by completing one of the forms available on the Culture Lanaudière website at culturelanaudiere.qc.ca/mentorat.

Please note that there is no cost for people who wish to sign up as a mentor, and the service is free for members of Culture Lanaudière who wish to take advantage of this type of support.

Through this program, Lanaudière Culture wishes to provide the artistic and cultural community of Lanaudière with support that can make a difference in the development of the careers of our artists, workers and cultural managers. », emphasizes Jean-Pierre Corneault, president of Culture Lanaudière.

The Culture Lanaudière team will promote the mentoring relationship by proposing a simple but rigorous process. Once the bond is created, the two people will evolve at their own pace and independently.

a youth association

Taking advantage of this new program, Culture Lanaudière is pleased to collaborate with Carrefour jeunesse-emploi de D’Autray-Joliette for the Atrium project. In fact, this association will allow young people who will be referred by Carrefour to benefit from the support of a mentor referred by Culture Lanaudière.

Bruno Ayotte, general manager of the D’Autray-Joliette CJE mentioned that “thehe Atrium project is a space where young people between the ages of 16 and 35 can develop, individually or in groups, the artistic expression project of their choice, accompanied and supported by our cultural agent. “.

Atrium aims to enable the emergence of youth cultural projects by supporting young people in the idealization, creation, production and dissemination of these. Therefore, collaboration with mentors is most appropriate.

Remember that Culture Lanaudière is an independent non-profit organization created in 1978 with the aim of supporting the development of arts and culture, as well as the professionalization of artists in the region.

Culture Lanaudière is recognized as a regional cultural council and brings together all the people and organizations that wish to contribute to the achievement of its mission.

Remember that it is possible to follow Lanaudière Culture on their social networks.

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