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This Thursday, April 28, in the midst of Volunteer Week, the CHUS Foundation held its Recognition Gala to highlight the voluntary involvement of a few hundred people who allowed it to fulfill its mission during the past year.

During this unique evening of celebration, hosted by Alain Dumas, the CHUS Foundation highlighted the contribution of volunteers and the impact they have had by getting involved with the Foundation. “Thank you for being there every day for the Foundation. Without you it would be impossible for the Foundation to achieve so much, you are always there to support us and you are also incomparable ambassadors”, mentioned the Executive Director of the Foundation, Mr. Martín Clermont.
The Foundation obviously took the opportunity to honor those who had a particularly significant impact or whose participation was exceptional during the past year. Ten prizes were awarded during the evening.

A very available couple for the Foundation, Mrs. Marielle Levac and Mr. Gilles Lemieux, received the Always Ready Award, given to a person or group of people who are frequently involved and who are distinguished by multitasking, in various activities .

The cabinet members of the main campaign 2018-2022, Messrs. Alain Lemaire, Éric Bujold, Alain Paquin, Peter Provencher, Daniel Beaucage, Mario Beaudoin and Ms. Michèle Dionne, received the Business Community Ambassador award.

The members of the Succession Committee of the CHUS Foundation, Mrs. Amélie Ferland, Geneviève Villemure-Marcotte, Catherine Bernard-Sévigny, Valérie Felteau, Amélie Boulet, Laura Pomerleau, Stéphanie Allard and Sabrina Bouchard and Messrs. Maxime Fabi and Louis-Philippe Cyr, who are behind the very innovative activities that are SherbyBox and St-Valentin Evening, were awarded the Relève award.

The Youth Award, given to the person or group of people under the age of 18 who has distinguished themselves the most during the year, was given to Laurence and Flavie Lacroix, two sisters and budding artists who sell drawings to benefit the CHUS Foundation.

Because he makes the Foundation shine throughout Coaticook, Mr. Jean-Pierre Lefebvre received the Community Ambassador award. Mr. Lefebvre also took the opportunity to perform a moving magic number.
For his two decades of voluntary participation in the CHUS Foundation, the Loyalty Award was presented to Mr. René Dubreuil, whose involvement is rooted in sustainability.

The Community Initiative Award, given to a person or a group of people who have creatively created a significant activity that has had a strong impact, was offered to Ms. Mélanie Grégoire for her fabulous Baby Plant Month project, an activity whose benefits They go to neonatology.

The Philanthropic Achievement Award was presented to the ladies behind the popular and unifying cookbook Cooks During a Pandemic: Mesdames Catherine Laferté, Annabelle Harpin, Annie Paquin and Marie-Pier Bilodeau. This initiative was an unexpected and particularly impressive success with more than 3,000 copies sold.
For having actively and voluntarily participated in the projection of the CHUS Foundation and for having known how to make the Foundation shine with her smile and her dynamism, Mrs. Valérie Sirois received the Ambassador Public Personality award.

Finally, to close the evening, the Jean-Besré award, given to a person who has worked with the CHUS Foundation for several years and who is exceptionally involved, was awarded to Ms. Sophie Warren, who was, among others, Chairwoman. of the Board of Directors.


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